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Bitcoins are a new great investing opportunity in the financial industry. In the case you still don’t know what it is or how to use them, please read the → Bitcoin Introduction (Bitcoins – What is it, where to get, how to earn money?). For website visitor have we current a special offer: → free Bitcoin Satoshi for testing (while stocks last). You have nothing to lose.

Binary Options

Binary Options are a derivative of finance trading. Like CFD (contract for difference) do you don’t really own the asset. While CFD basing more at Forex and are complex, have you in the classical Binary Options (Binary means “two”) only two choice to predict the price movement: CALL (price will raise) or PUT (Price will fall). It doesn’t matter if the price move one or one thousand pips (one pip is the unit of shortest possible price movement), only if it is higher or lower. This gives basically a winning chance of 50 % (if the price is the exact same, you got your investment full back), with price analyze can you increment your winning rate easily still more. That is why Binary Options are suitable for anybody.

But there is a shadow side: Where you can earn a lot of money are many scammer. One of the job of this homepage is to warn and protect you against such traps and show you the right way.

New to Binary Options?

Read now the most important Beginner Tips for new Binary Option Traders! They will tell you all you need to start making money online. Please read them before you join any software. The wrong usage of the best app could damage your deposit.

Looking for a legit binary option autotrader software to make money on autopilot?

The current most important applications is the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator (→ Create my Free account Now, → Read the Review). This program has the ability to earn up to $800 each trading day with the most advanced risk management in the industry. It is important to join a legitimate service, which will increment your deposit step for step, and don’t fall for a crap system which looks nice but blow your capital away.

Want a free Binary option demo account?

At the homepage of the platform developer SpotOption do you find a very good demo. It is strong recommend to train in a SpotOption demo account first after joining a legit autotrading service, to learn how to maximize your profit with manual signals. You can join and start trading in less than 2 minutes.

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Unsure about a free offer?

Look if it is already listed as scam! If it is not listed as scam and legit service, use the contact form.

Having still not a free and great chart solution?

The Freeware MetaTrader by MetaQuotes comes with lots of indicators, is very strong configurable and has a integrated script language, called MetaQuotes Language (MQL). This software is available for Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad, but Linux user can run it in Wine without any trouble.

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