7 Figure Months is a new scam. Fully reviewed!

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7 Figure Months is a new scam with a new supposed secret

7 Figure Months presented by the scam actor Martin Saunders try to bait people with a supposed unique loophole secret that should make it possible to make over one million dollars each month. Billion people trading around the world day for day. If such a bug would exist it would get public in a few hours. Yes, it is possible to makes much money in the binary option industry – but never 12 million each year and not using such a lame scam like 7 Figure Months.

Like previous already mentioned trading binary options mean to increment your deposit step by step and don’t get rich overnight. If you except to get rich in less days you will lose all your money very fast. An important part of trading is a good risk management. It is true, you can guarantee double your initial deposit if you invest all and wins two trades in a row. But if you lose a single trade you will lose all your money. With a good risk management strategy you will only invest a small amount of your deposit. Your income will not be such big but you can lose some trades.

Using legit autotrader get an average winning rate about 85 % over time. That means after 10 trades you lost an average one to two trades. The reason that many trader that use legit autotrader lose her money is simple they are too greedy and start ignoring their risk management strategy.

7 Figure Months provide a well-known scam face!

This loophole of 7 Figure Months is top-secret and only 20 people are able to join. You must not share the page URL! A very interesting fact is that they are paying money for each register member to advertisers. That is the proof that Martin Saunders lie when he said that the loophole page is top secret and the spots of 7 Figure Months are strong limited!

Very interesting is the scam actress who plays the part of Michelle. Her gig is very short, she only cheers about her incredible broker balance. If anybody shows you such crazy sums he or she lies. Nobody lets such much money in the hand of a broker. But the really important fact is that 7 Figure Month is not Michelle’s first gig as scam actress. She already lied in the promotion video of the scam Nesdek Inc. That remember at the Irish girl became known as Cindy that began her career as scam actress.

7 Figure Months scam reused Michelle

It is very courageous of the creators of the 7 Figure Months scam to use this girl but it proves that she is a scam actress.

7 Figure Months has like many scams fake GEO text

Like many other scams has 7 Figure Months a fake GEO text. Such texts should mime that this offers is only available at a strong limited location. But in real this scam is available everywhere at the globe. In each network for data transferring each network device get an IP (but only for Layer 4 transfer and above, but this is too much for this review). In the Internet each network part of the IP is assign to a land. Hence it is simple for scams like 7 Figure Months to show your GEO location and fake it is only a limited offer.


7 Figure Months scam conclusion

7 Figure Months is clearly a scam! You find nothing others than lies on this fraud service. There is no loopback method to make money and no service ever will reach a succefull rate of 100 %. They want much people as much as possible and not only 20. And 7 Figure Months engage a known scam actress. In general it is known that it is possible to make money in the binary options industry. But not if you join such a kind of scam.

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