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Hello, welcome to the AdsProfit aka. ClicksValley experiences and scam review. was lucky to test ClicksValley in advance. Unfortunately, it has been delayed over a long period of time, but nos it is finally under the name AdsProfit available. The development name ClicksValley is still found on the homepage. AdsProfit is not a true trader unlike most of the legit offers on this site, but closes a gap between publishers who promote products, advertisers who provide the advertising, and investors. Please read this review to learn all about one of the current best offers to earn money:

Absolutely new ads sponsoring: →

How AdsProfit works:

The function of AdsProfit is for you as investor very quick and simple. Your first step is to deposit money, there is unfortunately no way getting around. It will definitely be worthfully after all. It is possible to start with a minimum deposit of just $250, but you may invest much higher ammounts to get faster higher results. The deposit is called a package. There are several packages with different content available, all are great. The second and most important step is now to invest in ads:

AdsProfit experiences and scam review: Sponsor ads!

Every possible product is limited by time, but most repeatly, available. A built-in feature makes possible to show the Google Trends analysis of each product. Google assigns in this each search term depending on popularity a value from 0 to 100. The higher the value, the more interest is there. Each product has its own minimum investment amount, but any higher amounts may used. Your money will get used to show the advertising you sponsor on as many websites as possible. You get the payout of the advertising:

How much may earned with AdsProfit:

A good result is, according to AdsProfit, around $3.000 in 24 hours. This is of course only an average income and requires appropriate investment. The real money we made with news. News boost the search volume strong. That you may see in the Google Trends. Since AdsProfit supports only top brands, the times of a news, the search query value ​​in Google Trends grow often to 100. You should not miss anything like that. In some niche is figure out the next news very easy, for example in computer games. It is good to focus on industries of your interest:

AdsProfit offers top investment plans

Which industries AdsProfit supports:

In AdsProfit you can find the usual industries cars, clothing, beauty (make-up and the like), plus electronics, children, video games, sports and crypto. Under Crypto is currently no advertising. As the advertising options rotate and change over time, you should always look into what’s new. You can sign up for AdsProfit for free at any time without investing to look around. You will find brands such as H & M, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Lego among the advertisements.

Signs of fraud on AdsProfit:

AdsProfits main page is very simple. A short video shows what awaits you. There is not much to say, as it is so easy. It provides only known top brands. AdsProfit actually brings profit, but not as much as trading. For this, the advertising is sponsored for a long time and you are constantly making profit.

How AdsProfit Support offers:

AdsProfit offers excellent support. An integrated live chat appears logged in on each page. Should this not be occupied, it is also possible to leave a message. This will immediately help with any problem.

Is there also a mobile version of AdsProfit available?

A mobile version of the site is under development and ready to be tested, but unfortunately it was not fully operational at the time of writing this review.

AdsProfit experience and scam review conclusion:

AdsProfit aka ClicksValley is a great innovation, it already earns money for many members. The operation is easy, but the profit can be significantly increased by the usage of news. If you have any question, feel free to email to [email protected] or use the simple contact form. You should register for free and convince yourself:

How to join AdsProfit:

  1. Delete your browser cookies. That is general a good idea before joining such complex applications.
  2. Visit the main homepage by clicking on the image below or the URL on the top of this review. Please note, we use short links to always link on the right service. Scammers try to fake such great offer. (See Typosquatting etc.)
  3. Watch the whole short video clip.
  4. Write your name and your best email address in the boxes right to the video and press on JOIN NOW! You may not invest anything, it is up to you.
  5. You become redirect to a form for input more details. Please provide your real phone number for the great phone support. They help you to buy ads for the right products to the right time. Please keep these questions in mind: Do you have already experiences in marketing? What are your interests and hobbies? What is your goal? If you are for example a gal (or may a guy, doesn’t care) with interest in shoes, you may know seasonal trends.

If you have any register issues, please don’t wait to contact us for help. Now let’s not waste time and join this new opportunity:

Join now AdsProfit

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