Affiliate Marketing: Start to earn money!

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Why affiliate marketing:

In the last fifteen years changed gradually a lot. While the old 56k-modem gone to the garbage, smartphones conquered the world. Nearly each child own today such a phone with mobile internet connection. People watching now YouTube (and alternative video platforms), online affiliate marketing became steadily more important and will continue growing in the future. Affiliate Marketing has a lot of advantages and is one of the best way to earn passive and active income:

  • You work full self-employed. You decide when and how much you work.
  • You have to invest at most $7 per month, it is virtually risk-free.
  • You work from home. It is possible, to work with a laptop and mobile internet connection from everywhere, for example in your garden, a Cafe or a park.
  • Your work will become daily easier, respectively you will get more money.

Affiliate Marking has a bad name, since many scammers send spam mails and promote crap. But real and legal affiliate marketing is in fact a great way to reach financial freedom.

How affiliate marketing works:

Another name for an affiliate is publisher. That name describes the work better, an affiliate shows (publish) ads. We focus current mostly at the traffic to your own blog. It may sounds complex, but it is very easy, this article is the first in a row to teach you to become a successful affiliate.

Please email to [email protected], to start immediate with affiliate marketing. It is better to get feedback and help than do this alone.

What is a blog?

Blog is a short word for Weblog. They are usual to write single articles (posts) and became popular as diaries. This website is classified as Blog, too. You don’t need any foreknowledge for running a blog, it’s very easy.

A well-known blog 😉

How do I show ads?

Many Advertisers offer their marketing campaigns on so-called affiliate networks. An affiliate network is the middleman between publisher and advertisers. You get at this plattforms usual hyperlinks, containing your user identifier and the campaign id. When somebody clicks on the link, the affiliate network redirect him to the campaign Landing-page. If the visitor buy the product, the advertisers system tells the affiliate network to pay out your commission.

What is a Landing-page?

The Landing-page is the page of a website where a visitor enter. For you as blog author is each article a potential Landing-page, since your biggest traffic source are search engines. The Landing-page should be designed to let the customer do an action, like subscribe a newsletter or buy a product.

What is traffic?

Internet traffic meant in the past all data sent and received througt a network connection. This meaning gone slowly lost, since the traffic of an server or internet user is today not very important anymore. In this context means traffic today general people that visit your website.

Which affiliate network should I choose?

Please join only on this page tested and recommended networks. There are not only scammer, many networks fail in campaign, support of good tools like reports and fast payments. Don’t consider, continue reading the next parts of this tutorial to gain access to the best networks.

How get I paid?

The usual payment kind is called Cost per Action. You get in CPA every time paid, when a customer triggers an action. The usual kind of CPA is Pay per Sell; you get paid, if the customer buy an product or service. Advertisers like CPA/PPE, since they got already the payment. Other CPA types than PPE exists though, for example Pay per SignUp on newsletters, but that is a rare case.

Where should I start with affiliate marketing?

Please read the next page: → FlexOffers – Decide for a product niche and join your affiliate platform.



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