Bahama Banker is a big scam! All proved facts to read!

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Anytime someone speaks about a “trading secret”, we become keen-eared. helps daily hundreds of people to avoid scams. The binary option industry is a great opposition for making money online, but unfortunately are few trader really successful, because most of them fall for fraud services before they make the big bucks. Bahama Banker by Herald Beckman is one of these scams that blow your deposit away and steal all your money. We want with this list fight back and destroy this dump try to get your cash while we focus at the right ways to trade. If you are in temptation join Bahama Banker, take time and read this checklist to the end. If  have already experiences with this autotrading robot, feel free to join the discussion in the comments below.

Bahama Banker is a scam!

1) What is Bahama Banker’s big secret?

Herald Beckman’s secret is only to use so-called super computers to place trades fast as possible, what guarantee a trading accuration above 96 percent. Logical, this is crap. The real reason why a trader – no matter if human or application – lose a trade is, that the market movement is sometimes simple atypical. A strategy, for example technical analyze or news trading can predict the market only a specific amount. This is typical between 85 % and 92 % over time. In the other cases moves the asset price in the other direction or undirectional. But this is no problem, 85 % ITM rate by scam-free platforms is more than enough to rise your income strongly, if you use the right risk management.

An app cannot be sure that a trade win or lose. It only sees the indicator values and place a trade (or don’t). This is called “executable” and the base of each algorithm (executable, universality, finite).

Bahama Banker follow with the strange idea to win trades if you are fast enough the footsteps of already a long time blacklisted scams like the Terabit Trader and similar. In fact, 100 % successfully is never guaranteed, this is always a big lie. If you deposit money and invest direct all your money into one trade, you can lose all if your trade lose. This was only one example of the dishonesty of Bahama Banker, never ever set more than 10 % of your deposit if it is possible to invest less money.

This doesn’t mean to deposit more money if your deposit fell below ten times of the minimum investment sum, but not to trade $100 by a deposit of $500. If your account was filled with $250, the minimum deposit of most broker, you have to trade $25, the typical minimum amount of a classic option. Risk management (and most other beginner questions) are described in the beginner tips. Only a scam use such an unrealistic sum.

Bahama Banker's dump lie

2) Who is Herald Beckman?

The Bahama Banker scam show two photos of Herald Beckman, private Banker. They never say something like “That I am” or similar, but it is logical, that this should be the developer. The promotion video clip don’t have a typical main-scam actor like most other crazy services. But how will you somebody trust, who not even show his face? His company has the name Bahama Banker Inc, on some pictures Bahama Banker Cooperation. It is easy with the help of Google to figure out, that there is no company with this name, associated with this bot platform.

3) Is the Bahama Banker usage free? What is up with the payments?

The scammer tells over and over and over again, that the system is 100 % free to use. But at the end say he, that he takes 1.5 % of each winning trade. That remembers at the previous scam Tesler. You see the clear contradiction between “he takes money” and “free to use”. But how will Bahama Banker get this money? You will deposit your money at a broker, and the software will only place trades. This makes absolutely no sense. The Bahama Banker is full of bank statements. But to show some money transfers is nonsense. In the history was only one creator of binary option services that gave away money to his users. He is mentioned in the beginner tips above too. No other legit- or scam service has ever send presents to the user. But a working autotrading system is still more worth than only some gifts.

The fake testimonial are of Bahama Banker

4) Tells the Bahama Banker anything useful?

Bahama Banker show a lot stock videos. They tell you, how great it is to become rich. The is may or may not true, but it doesn’t help you to rake in capital. On the other hand get you offend by this service: Either you join or you are the part of the other losers. (Their words!) This is only a pathetic try to nudge you to enter this crap. The Bahama Banker is not factual, tell you only useless bs and try to scam you!

5) Has Bahama Banker a proved successful rate?

The Bahama Banker webpage contains a section with supposed member reviews. Like many scams before are this only dump lies, create by the fraudsters. Take a closer view to the image and see, that they are only stock images. Stock photographs are pictures taken by everywhere to have a lot different images on stock. These become sold by agencies, offered for free or stolen by the scam author. This is the proof that Bahama Banker is a scam.

Bahama Banker stock image exposed

Bahama Banker scam conclusion!

Here do you find all kinds of scam tactics, starting with an unrealistic story about brain wash techniques to fake testimonials. We have found and disprove more than enough facts to have a verdict: Avoid Bahama Banker, it is a ridiculous scam!

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