BestCoinBot experiences and scam review! Another Crypto-Scam!

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Hello, welcome to the BestCoinBot experiences and scam review. When it comes to the trade of encrypted currencies, you should only select the best tools. BestCoinBot claims to be a trading solution with average winning rate of 80 %. That would definitively be great, but we don’t believe that it would generate any profit, the BestCoinBot is a money-stealing system! Please read this whole review, before you invest any money into this system. There is one big software that all use for trading encrypted currencies as Contract for Differences, Binary Options and buying direct on exchanges. Stay tuned, we will come back to this at the end of the review. Let us start with the question, how the BestCoinBot works.

BestCoinBot experiences and scam review: How does it work?

This is an important but most ignored question. We must know how the BestCoinBot works to trust them. It is presented as a never failing trading robot with constant profit and a Return-of-investment up to 90 %, but name no algorithm or trading strategy. Please never use an app that makes a mystery of the way to trigger trades, transparency is in the financial niche critical. The BestCoinBot is a full automatic trader. We don’t recommend full autotrader anymore. Such a system can place all trades it likes. With a semiautomatic or manual trader do you keep the whole control about your deposit. But what’s up with the free demo account?

BestCoinBot experiences and scam review!

A great demo for BestCoinBot?

One of the most obviously fact is, that the BestCoinBot seem to offer a demo account if you are not ready to invest real money. Previous members inform that this demo account is a big fake. It shows any trade as a winner, your demo deposit will grow exponential. After you pay real money and the software place real trades will you see, that the winning rate is in the reality below of 50 %. You find here direct at a great demo account. It is steadily upgraded and extended and has always real results. And how are the connected brokers?

Are to BestCoinBot great brokers connected?

No matter how good an autotrading software is, if the broker are bad, you got a problem. We are informed, that it is not possible to withdraw any cash! User reports, that they logged in next day and had no money left anymore. The only way to contact these brokers is to wait until he calls you to hustle to invest even more, and don’t want to help you. Please note, this are very bad scam tactics. You will the money you invest into BestCoinBot never see again. Please use only verified broker! Now we want to analyze the apparently members on the homepage.

Best BO broker: →BinaryOnline

Are the user on the website real?

On the homepage is a list of the top earner with their ROI and winning rate. We don’t believe this for various reasons. First, the reports of our follower is more trustworthy. And the different winning rate makes no real sense, since it claims to be an autotrader. If the BestCoinBot would work, it would place the same trade on all user broker accounts. The absolute proof that this is a fake to steal your money is, that the user images are just stolen online. You find these so-called stock photos do you find on a lot other websites. Please don’t fall for such a crap lie! Let us conclude this review and focus at real trading platform.

BestCoinBot members are fake! BestCoinBot member images are stock photos!

BestCoinBot experiences and scam review verdict

We became for a good reason warned against this app. All BestCoinBot experiences was very bad, there is nothing real. The BestCoinBot is a scam! But continue reading below for the current best performing software for earning money from home, you will definitively not miss this opportunity!

Best crypto trading app: →Bitbubble Tech

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