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Hello, welcome to the experiences and scam review. This website claims to bring great earnings from simple investing after a short period. That sounds great, but please don’t decide for an investment platform before you analyzed in detail. There are a lot of people, promotes with even more ads, mails and similar the as money-making machine, but this doesn’t mean, the page delivers great results. Please read this review to the end, before you join this software. Don’t forget to join the newsletter to the right, it is important to stay up-to-date:

It is for earning money very important to join a high honored application. Most promises to never fail and high to impossible outcome, but will just steal your money. The owners pay a lot of money to professionals for creating great-looking websites, this is just to attract new investors. They are normal people like you and me, depositing their hard-worked money on the platform. It is possible to make money by online investing, but you would your money never seen again, if you use the wrong services. The interesting part is behind the scenes, so let us not detailed analyze

Who the whole service runs:

That is the first interesting questions. Since expect the deposit of your money, it is important to know who it receives. That is the first reason to call a scam, if you look at the homepage, you will nowhere see the name of a real existing person. An anonymous software can never seen as safe, there is a reason, why the creators are afraid of showing their face. An investment platform needs always a big team for earning profits, maintain the platform and support providing. Anonymity indicate, that the developer group is very small or just one person. There is just another problem: is absolute anonymous!

About Bets4you LTD:

Running such a service need a valid license and regulation from a third company. A website without clear ownership doesn’t fulfill the license requirements. This website contains information about a supposed company registration, called Bets4you LTD. It claims to be registered in the United Kingdom. That is not unusual, most investing pools today tell to be there. The U.K. keeps the name of the business owner secret. The business register of the U.K. is the Companies House. A short search shows, that the company operate under the number 11978536. That doesn’t means, it is a good-working company:

We all need to register one after earning more than a specific sum. A company, providing an investment pool respective manage money from external persons, is required to have an official license by a specific authority. In the U.K., this would be the Financial Conduct Authority. The lacking a license makes this high-yield investment pool illegal! The regulation company on the other side checks steadily the incoming and outgoing money transfers to make sure, nothing get lost. Please never invest on such a homepage, there is no chance to get your money back. Ok, that was a lot about the people behind, let’s now look on the operating parts:

Bets4you LTD is an unlicensed company!

How this autobetting system works:

When it comes to pay money to a service, trustworthy is the keyword. To trust a service, it must be transparent. The scam page claims only to bet on sport. That is definitive to less information. Not telling, how the system works, is usual for scams. That is simple, because scams doesn’t work. It is the same, as invent unrealistic dumb stories like other scams do. Sport betting is one of the most dangerous kinds of gambling. the chance of success is very small. There are much better ways for earning money. Forex trading is with the right tools very lucrative, investing into real companies is may still more profitable, but betting for sport is just a great way for lose your money. One other reasons to call a scam is the promised payout:

How much profit claims:

Since we know, making money with sport bets over a long time is very hard, the expected income is small and irregular. bets4you claims not only the exact opposite, the promised investment plans are just ridiculous. In such ways is constant income not possible, even with a working strategy would you sometimes lose more, sometimes fewer. It start with 844 % in 10 days to 1500 % in 25 days. You may note, the 10 days-plan is all in all more lucrative than the 25 days. Unrealistic promises like 844 % after 10 days are a big scam indicator. There are very bad user experiences, so let talk about them: investment plans are just ridiculous!

The user experiences:

The base of each scam review are reports from current and previous members. People sending daily their experiences about such software. If you had already used, please send your opinions and experiences to [email protected] or use the simple contact form. All experiences of real users was very bad. does not only deny any withdraw after deposit but does not even pay for their referral program. This is just another way to spread and cheat more investors. When they see, that they got fooled, its long too late. Let us now conclude this review: experiences and scam review conclusion:

All experiences was very bad. is a scam! This homepage does not help to earn money. Sport bets are not a way to invest, it is pure gambling. You may sometimes win, but you will mostly lose all you have set. The current best way to invest is Forex trading, what is very lucrative, if you use the right apps. Please join the newsletter in the right sidebar to stay always up-to-date. If you have any additional question, please email to [email protected] or use the simple contact form. Continue reading below to learn about the best ways to earn money from home:

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