Bitclub Advantage experiences: Big scam! Full review!

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Hello, welcome to the Bitclub Advantage experiences and scam review. Bitclub Advantage was supposedly founded by a group of top traders that want to focus at encrypted currencies and teach you all you need for start trading. But poorly, after an accurate view look the Bitclub Advantage like a scam. Please read this whole review before you invest your hard-earned money into this system. If you have already experiences with this trading platform, please take a minute and write a review below to share your opinions. At the end do you find the current best way to earn money from home. Let’s start this review with the most general question: Who is behind the Bitclub Advantage?

Bitclub Advantage experiences: Who is the owner?

This is an important but mostly ignored question. We want always know who created a service to trust them. When the creator hide his identity, can you expect that it just a scam is. A service that teach trading professional as an “academy” needs a license. The domain and Certificate contains no issuer information, hence the real creator try to hide his identity. There is no company behind, which is required for become licensed. This service is not only untrustworthy but illegal!  Please don’t fall for this money stealing scheme. Now we will show how the Bitclub Advantage works in general.

Bitclub Advantage experiences and scam review

Has the Bitclub Advantage a fundamental base?

A reason why you cannot believe that the Bitclub Advantage is the statement, that it focus on constant profits. Any newbie knows, that you will as a trader never get constant profit. Some weeks do you earn more, some days less. Market are not always predictable, that is why the result of trading are told in percent. Anybody that says, he or she can guarantee to make profits on markets, lies. Please keep this always in mind, a legit service will never promise anything. Many previous members tell, that the Bitclub Advantage only a ponzi scheme is.

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A ponzi scheme is a trick to invite beginners that have still no clue to invest, promising total unrealistic outcomes. When you invest, is a part of this money used to pay other members, but the biggest part become stolen. Such systems are very dangerous, because you will not see immediate what going on. You pay and get later real outcome, that you think it works really. But you will not even get your initial deposit back and only see that you got ripped off after days and weeks without anymore payout. Such schemes are very popular using encrypted currencies like Bitcoin, because it is hard to usual impossible to follow such coins and prove an illegal ponzi scheme. And what is about the education?

What will the Bitclub Advantage teach?

This seem to be the main part of this website, but is in real only a small part. The education material is just terrible. In fact, it is just a sell tactic. You will not learn any new thing you don’t know already, but will be hustled to invest more money into the system to increase your cash output. You will never see this money again. There are platforms with real good education courses just for free, we recommend strong. With the Bitclub Advantage will you definitively only lose your money, you get already all you need for free: education, trading strategies, signal generators, demo account. Be smart and don’t waste your time and money! Let us conclude this review.

Bitclub Advantage fake education

Bitclub Advantage experiences and scam review conclusion

All Bitclub Advantage experiences was bad, above was already all said. Don’t think to invest any cent into this system, the Bitclub Advantage is a scam! However, continue reading below to learn about the current most used way for earning money from home.

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One Reply to “Bitclub Advantage experiences: Big scam! Full review!”

Kevin B.

March 7, 2018 at 3:25 pm

A big scam

Bitclub Advantage is such a big damn scam!!! I invested $500, the deposit grows daily. But there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO WITHDRAW!!! They calls daily and ask for more money. When I ask why I don’t get some back, they answer why I should withdraw when I earn so much money. Hahaha, good joke. Joining this crap was the worst decision of my life.


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