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Hello, welcome to the Bitcoin Code experience and scam review. The Bitcoin Code by Steve McKay is a new scam, trying to cheat you. Bitcoins are a lucrative investment, no question. Since the Silk road was closed, the price of a Bitcoin raised from around $100 to $800, in the meanwhile more than $10.000. This happened, because most people learned from the news about Bitcoins and many small services sprang up like mushrooms. The Bitcoin Code try to distort the reality to invest your money in the wrong ways. It is very good that you read this review before you lost your whole money, this experience report cover all why the Bitcoin Code is a scam. In the case you are already member of the Bitcoin Code, please take a minute and leave a user review below to tell all of your experiences. Please read the review to the end, we helped already a lot traders to use software that brings real profit. But let us come back to this later. At the end of the review do you find the current most preferred and proved trading system. Let’s start with the unrealistic promises of the Bitcoin Code!

The Bitcoin Code and his lies

The first fact is, that the Bitcoin Code guarantee to earn $13.000 in 24 hours. Even as binary option newbie should you know, that this is impossible. A system that promises fixed money in a fixed time is never validated. Some days are not good to trade, much news or few signals can have big impacts on your income. $13.000 is a way too much for a binary option trading robot. Good software earn profit of $800 to $1.000 each day with a basic investment sum of $250. We will come back to such great apps later.

The Bitcoin Code is a scam!

The Bitcoin Code claims to was created by a guy, calling himself the “genius” Steve McKay. It contains an image of him with the trustworthy name “man.jpg”. He was supposedly a software developer in a big company. The Bitcoin Code should have earned over $18,484,931.77 in the past six months. When somebody says an exact sum to the last cent and tells that it earned more than this, you can assume that it is bs, because it makes not any sense.

After a WHOIS request do we know, that the domain of the Bitcoin Code was created at 2017-06-19. This was not only a month before this review was written. The stories of people earning ten of thousands dollars over months is pure crap. Now check the user opinions.

Bitcoin Code’s fake user- and stock image

The website contains like many scams fake testimonials and reports of supposed members. It was possible to figure out that these images was collected online and stolen for this review. Because this is a crime, you should leave the Bitcoin Code immediate and don’t help the dubious scam authors. One of the images, Chris Hadid, shows Jean-Edouard Gresy, a French businessman. Another shows the New Zealand TV anchorwoman Rachel Smalley. They have no idea that their images was stolen, and have never traded. This kind of dishonesty is typical for a scam, you better fall not for this weird statements.

The Bitcoin Code use stolen images

The video starts direct with stock pictures. This is only a way to play with your mind. Stop to pay attention to these fraud techniques and start focus at real facts. A real working software will never show such a crap. That is not necessary, because it generates money rather than show it. You have the choice if you continue dreaming about money or better earn real money. But what broker support the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code connected broker

Behind the Bitcoin Code stand no company, and since Steve McKay is a fake (read below), we can guarantee that it is not licensed. One of the most important question is always, which broker are connected to a software. We receive daily a lot mails of people became scammed by there broker. They are neither licensed nor regulated too. A not licensed autotrader and broker means they acting illegal. Please make sure you use only licensed software, because it makes sure your money is safe. Now we come back to analyze Steve McKay. As next, we will look at the user experiences.

Bitcoin Code user experiences

A big part of writing a scam review and decide if the software is a scam or full legit is to talk with members that invested into a system. We receive continuous emails by members that got scammed and ask for ways to recover their funds, and on the other side mails of trader thankful for help and how much money they made with the real working softwares. When you want to share experiences, please don’t hesitate to send a message. All experiences, users sent, contains just a list of worst scam tactics the Bitcoin Code uses. There was no withdraw possible, they could not log in anymore or the deposit was blown away after a night. Not one mail contained positive feedback to the Bitcoin Code. Please follow these recommends  and don’t start trading with it, you will see your money never again. Now we come back to analyze Steve McKay.

Bitcoin Code fictional story: Steve McKay development

The story of the Bitcoin Code is entertaining. Steve McKay claims to was a software engineer at a big company. One day came his chef to him and told he has to develop a top secret application for one of the most wealthy customer. Just before he concluded the app, some mysterious happened: His Chef call him with a hidden number and tell he should never tell anybody about it. Steve McKay tested the software for himself, earned thousands of dollar and was after 90 days a millionaire. When you read this review carefully, you don’t believe anything of this. Nobody can develop such a software without millions of tests. The core of a software development is to fix bugs. The idea that he developed a software without using it is impossible and shows, that the scam authors have no glue of software design.

Steve McKay is a fictional character

But who is Steve McKay?

Short answer: Nothing more than a photo of a nobody. He tells that you may hear about him at Wall Street Journal, CNN or Forbes, they call him the “100 million dollar man”. This remembers at the “Wall street wizard” of the Quantum Code and a lot other scam. We never heard about him, so we are very skeptical. A quick search on these homepages showed that nobody has an entry about this guy. The supposed cover of Steve McKay is only a fake. It is the March Edition, of any year. We have checked all the cover of Forbes, and this didn’t exist.

Steve McKay in Forbes is a lie!

Still more scam tactics

When you try to leave this website, it will show a modal div. We are familiar this kind of mind control. The text tell, that you make a big mistake, if you leave, because it is your last chance to join and secure your financial future. This is obvious a bad lie, the Bitcoin Code became a viral scam, and we help daily hundreds of people to save their money. At the end of the review do you find a direct link to the offer. Please note, that this is only to see it with your own eyes. Never ever enter personal details like your name or email address at the Bitcoin Code homepage.

After reviewing services in the industry for a long time, we know that there are two scam phrases that indicate scam every time successful: “Put away your credit card” and “I have nothing to sell”. Both sounds harmless and nice, but have impact. The first one is every time a lie. To invest money, you need money. No software developer invest for you. To see behind the second is a bit harder. The fact is, that this means, the guy (or whoever pays them) has anything to sell. Somebody who has nothing to sell doesn’t mention it, because there is nothing to sell.

The Bitcoin Code use usually scam phrases

At the top of the homepage is a free spot countdown and an area to show live wins. After analyzing the JavaScript do we know, that this show not real results. These are only pure Javascript widgets that generates random data. The countdown is not a real countdown, because he shows a random, properly higher, number. In fact are all platforms that show user images beside results only fake. That is, because no trading system had ever the function to upload user images.

Bitcoin Code experiences and scam review conclusion

All Bitcoin Code experiences was very bad, it has nothing to do with the encrypted currency but is in real a usually binary option autotrader. There is nothing special about this offer. When fitting all together, the verdict is clear: The Bitcoin Code is a scam! Stay away! Please read below for the current best way for earning money.

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10 Replies to “The Bitcoin Code experiences and scam review! Will it make you rich?”


August 8, 2017 at 7:59 pm

Scam, Scam DO NOT FALL FOR IT...

Only desperate people (or naive) would consider this as a way of becoming millionaires..
For someone that tells you “I don’t have anything to sell, put away your credit card etc”, and then tell you to forecast $250… that to me shows that this is a scam… just imagine that “he” gets around 10 people a day @ $250 that is where the “millionaire” is realised (a whooping $100K a year) now if he gets 500 or a thousand, suckers a day !!!! do the maths …. these people are scammers and if you fall for it (then you are to blame your self)…
Good luck, but I prefer keep my $250 and maybe give it to charity…
J-P Paix
Brisbane (Australia)



September 1, 2017 at 1:23 pm


Bitcoin code is such a SCAM!!! Lost $4.000 with this software!! Buy now real Bitcoins from the authorized distributor, see clearly that this is the real way to get money!!



October 28, 2017 at 2:04 pm

bitcoin code is a scam


Dieter Barsun

November 30, 2017 at 5:44 pm

Das einbezahlte Geld ist schnell weg bzw. gesperrt.

13.000€ in 24 h hab ich auch nicht geglaubt, doch 1.000 in 1 Monat wenigstens erhofft.
Beim BitCoinCode angemeldet…. zu Broker Optionstars weitergeleitet… Konto mit 250€ eröffnet. Soweit so gut.
nach nicht mal 5 Minuten kommen dann schon diverse Telefonanrufe aus England, keiner spricht Deutsch!
Dann kommt am nächsten Tag eine mail aus Berlin in Deutsch, da meldet sich deine Kontomanagerin welche ir helfen will Geld zu verdienen.Erst mal müssen diverse Formulare unterzeichnet werden sowie auch persönliche Dokumente hochgeladen werden um das Konto zu verifizieren. Nach 3 Tagen bist dann endlich freigeschaltet.Vom BitCoinCode bzw. dem AutoTrading-Schalter keine Spur mehr. Die Kontomanagerin gibt Dir Signale und sagt wo und zu welchem Ablaufermin investiert werden soll. Alle 3 Trades laufen gut. Dann sollst Du noch ein bisschen dein Deposit erhöhen, bei mir 500.-€ und bekommst einen Bonus von 200.-€. Prima…NEIN das ist die große Falle !! Wegen diesem BONUS muß dann das 40-fache Volumen also für 8.000.-€ getradet werden um überhaupt mal an eine Rückzahlung deines eigenen Kapitals zu denken!!
Das dauert Monate, wenn es überhaupt fuktioniert!



January 11, 2018 at 4:55 pm

Beabsichtigte über Bitcoincode zu handeln und habe mich zu einer Zahlung über CMB in Höhe von 250 USD verleiten lassen. Der Handel mit Bitcoincode funktioniert nicht, weil das Geld dafür nicht freigegeben wird. Stattdessen rufen unentwegt irgendwelche Broker oder Seniorbroker an, die einem zum Handel mit größeren Summen bewegen wollen. Offensichtlich ist es so, dass men zunächst zustimmen muss, damit man mit seinem eigenen Geld handeln kann. Die Rückzahlung funktioniert nicht. Das Geld kommt auch nach mehrmaligem Requests und Ausfüllen des Withdrawel-Formulars nicht zurück. Da ich mit Kreditkarte bezahlt habe, versuche ich es jetzt über eine Kreditkartenreklamation. Mal sehen, was daraus wird. Ich glaube aber, dass ich die umgerechnet 208 Euro abschreiben kann. Ich kann nur jeden vor diesen Betrügern warnen. Die in der Homepage angegebenen Telefonnummern funktionieren nicht, die Kontaktaufnahme über die Kontaktemail [email protected] führt zu Fehlermeldungen und der Livechat ist fake! Finger weg von diesen Betrügern!



    January 12, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    Es ist bei mir genauso wie bei Ihnen Herrn Johannes. Wie erklären Sie bei der Kreditkartenreklamation? Ich möchte auch so machen.
    Danke Ihnen im Vorraus.



    January 13, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    Mir wurde MyChargeBack empfohlen
    Sie haben mir schnell und unkompliziert geholfen, mein Geld zurückzubekommen
    Gerne wieder



February 6, 2018 at 4:15 pm

Bitcoin Code ist Betrug

Ich habe mich bei dem Bitcoin Code angemeldet und 250 Euro eingezahlt. Am nächsten Tag nach dem Einloggen zeigte mein Kontostand 0 an!! Als mich mein sogenannter Accountmanager anrief hab ich gefragt was los sei, und er meinte halt Pech gehabt, aber wenn ich jetzt 1000 euro einzahlte bekomme ich einen Bonus von 250. Hallo??? Ich soll Geld investieren, um mein eigenes Geld zurückzubekommen?? Dazu weiß man doch, dass man keinen Bonus vom Broker annehmen darf. Seit dem ruft mich täglich jemand an, und nervt mich, mehr einzuzahlen.

Aber meine Bitcoin Code Erfahrungen haben auch etwas Gutes: Ich kontaktierte Mychargeback, sie halfen mir mein gesamtes Geld zurückzubekommen. Nur leider werde ich dadurch den Telefonterror auch nicht mehr los.



April 12, 2018 at 9:20 am

Ich habe mich verleiten lassen zu investieren, da in einer Tageszeitung Prominente von Bitcoincode geschwärmt haben, da dachte ich wenn die das machen könnte ich das auch mal versuchen. Ich investierte 250€ und eine Software sollte automatisch das Trading ausführen. Doch bei mir passierte nichts und dann wollte ich das Geld wieder auszahlen lassen, allerdings geht das nicht man kann nur einzahlen. Was mir allerdings noch sorgen macht sind die Dokumente wie Id card usw. die man Uploaden musste um den Account freizuschalten.



September 17, 2018 at 10:18 am

nach dem woher er meine geld Trader crypto abgeräumt hat 4420,- € hatte mir der E-Mail geschickt lese weiter im Englisch
bis jetzt hat sich nicht mehr gemeldet unferschemt
Gesendet: Freitag, 31. August 2018 um 17:22 Uhr
An: undisclosed-recipients:;
Betreff: Next week!

I will not be available next week, I will be travelling a lot, which results in me not being able to be in the office.

Please, if there is anything that we need to speak about, feel free to send me an e-mail, and as soon as I can I will contact you via e-mail or phone.

You will be contacted by a person I trust, that will still provide information, feedback analysis so you are not going to miss any movements.

Wish you a wonderful weekend!


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