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Bitcoin Profit latest experiences:

Hello, welcome to the Bitcoin Profit experiences and scam review. Bitcoin Profit is an online software to trade fully automated encrypted currencies. It looks at a glance like a great opportunity, but it is just dubious garbage. If you are thinking about registering with Bitcoin Profit, please read this whole review for more information:

Who behind Bitcoin Profit is:

We check as first, who Bitcoin Trader has developed, operate and maintenance. The website contains only one page and the login. There is a main reason, the backend of Bitcoin Profit is an often used autotrader. This software, called whitelabelrobot, is a kit to create your own autotrader. In the background works, even it looks completely different, always the same fraud that loses your money. The kit is often used to duplicate working software and cheat visitors, but some traders created became some of the best known scammers. Unfortunately, these websites are created anonymously:

Bitcoin Profit is an anonymous scam!

On the whole homepage is not mentioned, who actually had set up Bitcoin Profit. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy do not contain any reference to an actual person, not even a company as well. A WHOIS request brought no results either. Transferring money to an anonymous person is of course very dangerous. The alleged television appearance is even dangerous:

What with Bitcoin Profit and Höhle der Löwen is:

This lie was already widely used by other scammers, like The News Spy. Ads are set up to look like popular news. We know advertisements full of lies, claiming that Bitcoin Profit was in Höhle der Löwen, Frühstücksfernsehen and in several local newspapers. Of course, that is not true! Bitcoin Profit was neither in any newspaper nor on TV. The thought of it is just ridiculous. Let’s take a look, how Bitcoin Profit works:

How Bitcoin Profit works:

The fact that Bitcoin Profit does not show how it works is another indication to prove that it is fishy. BTC Profit really claims that it has an accuracy of 99.4%. Please forget this crap, so high accuracy is impossible. Good applications make in around 90 % to 95 % of his trades profit. The estimated profits are supposedly 13.000 Euro per day. Such unrealistic promises is common to scammers. You will with the typical investment of a beginner never earn so much money. That some members have their first million after only 61 days anyway is total nonsense. The display of recent trades is also a lie. This is recognizable by the fact; that an alleged profit is indicated. The profit always depends on the investment, it would be individual for each member. The user experiences tell, that there is no payout:

Bitcoin Profit is full of lies!

User experiences about Bitcoin Profit:

Every day send us members their experiences about good and bad software. Please write a comment below, email to [email protected] or use the simple contact form, if you already used Bitcoin Profit. The reviews were widely bad. Many accounts of users were closed without any feedback, withdrawals were not possible. Others had from one day to another no deposits anymore. In addition, telephone terror and e-mail spamming were reported frequently. These experiences are always the most reliable indicator of scam. Let’s finally finish this review:

Bitcoin Profit experiences and scam review conclusion:

All Bitcoin Profit experiences were bad! Bitcoin Profit is a scam! Please avoid this dubious website. Bitcoin Profit never appeared in Höhle der Löwen or similar, won no prizes, does not show how it works (as written above, it is a known bot) and contains nothing but lies. Please read below to learn about the current best way to earn money from home:

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