BitcoinX2 experiences and scam review – DANGER, MALWARE!

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BitcoinX2 scam exposed:

Hello, welcome to the BitcoinX2 (Bitcoin X2, btcx2) experiences and scam review. BitcoinX2 claims to be an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that forked Bitcoins and removed some limits with the goal to double the investment in a very short time. It is important, that you read this review to the end, BitcoinX2 is not a classical scam that only steal your money. We have witness statements, that this pseudo-service share an executable file that is known as ransomware. Ransomware encrypt your local and mounted remote computer drives with the plan to blackmail. Such malware become more popular since Bitcoins got a big gain, it protects the attacker. There was never, that the files became after payments ransomed, you will pay for nothing. You must absolutely understand why the BitcoinX2 is a scam, but there are other great investment platforms! To help you to choose the best is the most recommend offer at the end of this review listened, so stay tuned. Let us start with the question, who BitcoinX2 founded:

BitcoinX2 experiences and scam review: Who is responsible?

The first thing to analyze when we collect the pieces of information is, who an offer runs, it is an essential question to gain trust. Here is a lot, but nothing about the programmer, support or founder. An anonymous service can for sure never be trustworthy, for a financial service is absolutely transparency necessary. It is unsure, who your payments receive, you have no chance to get it ever back. A global Internet search about brought no result. When an offer lacks such basics can you expect, that it is a scam, since there is no reason to hide the own identity when it would be legit. Please make sure you join only full honesty apps. Let’s now analyze how BitcoinX2 works:

BitcoinX2 experiences and scam review!

How works BitcoinX2?

BitcoinX2 tells an interesting story. It wants allegedly to fork Bitcoin to generate a new protocol with far rise limits. Bitcoin is an open protocol, anybody can see how it works. That is a major reason, why such money transactions are full recommended. BitcoinX2 is close sourced. It contains some texts to bait new investors, but we are more in the technical design interested. In fact is on BitcoinX2 no hint, how it really works, hence there is no way to prove this statement. It is when it really forks for this reason not trustworthy, but we don’t think at this point, that there is really a working solution behind. After reading the whole review will you be sure, that this website is just a joke. You have to transfer your Bitcoin on the wallet of BitcoinX2. That means, they have the whole access to them and can do whatever they want. Let us now speak about the distributed malware:

What’s up with bitcoin-x2.exe?

That is the most important part. This crap want that you download and execute a binary file to calculate BitcoinX2 coins. This is, as mentioned above, just a ransomware, an application, that encrypt your local, remove and other mounted file systems. You get a message to transfer more Bitcoin to the wallet of this scammer to receive the method to decryption. You will never get this information. We found endless data about this threat, if you think you fell already for these fraudsters, read the detection guide of Enigma (we are not related and have the recommended software of Enigma not tested). Let us finally conclude this review:

BitcoinX2 shares malware!

BitcoinX2 experiences and scam review conclusion:

Such services that promise to double your Bitcoins are not new. Most of them become even not reviewed, since they are too easy to recognize as a pure lie. BitcoinX2 is others, it has a cover story and a lot fake information, but it is and keep just crap. All BitcoinX2 experiences was bad! BitcoinX2 is a scam! Please don’t use it, you will lose not only money but all your files on your computer, continue reading below, to learn about the most accurate and safest way for invest and earn money from home:

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