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BrexitBot is another new binary option service. This review will take a close look at the full service and makes sure you will learn all you need join or keep away. Read this full testimonial to answer the main question: Can you become a millionaire now or is BrexitBot just a scam?

The accurate review of BrexitBot

The BrexitBot is only the new version of the old scam Brexit Money Machine. That is not the first time an autotrader tries to catch investors that want join a legit autotrader. We will remember at the software Ice9 Technology which try to copy an other legit application and scammed his members. This scan will ignore the possible connection with the Brexit Money Machine and may other fraud websites. The BrexitBot will thread like we didn’t seen anything of it before. That is the only way to come to a fair resolution about BrexitBot.

Whats up with Brexit Money Machine? Can you become rich now?

Watching the video is wasting of time – Rather read this review!

At the 2016-06-23 voted more than the half of all voter in Britain for the exit of the European Union. This caused in the crazy movement of the market prices. It is called Br(itain) Exit.

The video starts with fake broker images

It is interesting that the video starts directly with a fake broker image. Such a bogus image can get created by anybody in less than one minute. Nobody with a common sense would leave more than one million of dollar in the hand of a broker. Using a legit autotrader is a steadily swapping between making money and withdrawing profits. Withdrawing from a broker account take a little time and the switching between making money and withdraw profits ensure a constantly money flow.

Where are fake broker images, there are unrealistic promises not far away

The BrexitBot would make above one million dollar in just six weeks. That is simple unbelievable. You will not become a millionaire after trading binary options for 6 weeks, even after a year. Legit autotraders use well-working money management strategies. These makes sure that you won’t lose your money. These autotrader makes between $2.500 and $5.000 each week but money management is one of the reason that you won’t become a millionaire after one year trading binary options. Neither a legit autotrader nor such a scam like the BrexitBot will make this money, it is and will ever be impossible.

BrexitBot is only a scam!

BrexitBot offers only limited spots

This is another often seen scam tactic. On the one hand use such fraud services like the BrexitBot the unrealistic promises and other fakes that you join them very fast and on the other hand try it to hurry you up with fake free spot. We will come back to the free fake spot countdowns later.

You find some stock photos in the video

The BrexitBot video show stock photos about a car, house and beach. Stock photos are photos shot by anybody. These pictures are buy for few bucks or taken for free (or property stolen) by the scam authors.

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Let’s analyze the Homepage

Apart the video you will find many other scam facts at the website. It is important to study these to make a detailed decision about the BrexitBot.

The page contains a fake spot countdown

The typical fake scam countdown is another indication that BrexitBot is only trash. That is to set you at panic and enter fast as possible. It waits only a random times and count down until it will reach 9. After it fell down, the countdown will stop. When the homepage get reloaded, the free spots will start again.

The online members counter goes the same way

Unsurprisingly the member area is only a random fake. It initializes at 88 every time when the homepage will reload. How much user really surf at the homepage doesn’t matter.

Fake buttons only that you type in your email address

The website of BrexitBot contains a lot of buttons, like About us and Support. These knobs only open a modal dialog. It repeats every time the same crap: Earn $25.714 daily!

There are fictitious badges and a fake certificate

Because a homepage can use any image, they can an issuer of a badge would prove that they have give them the badge. But all the badges don’t own the name of an authority. Specially the SSL badge is idiocy. The HTTPS part of the homepage use a certificate issued for another homepage URL. That takes all the security against man-in-the-middle attacks and similar.

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BrexitBot – The conclusion

At the homepage of BrexitBot do you find all scam indices. It starts with unrealistic promises and fake broker images. You will never earn $25.714 each day trading binary options. Even after 30 trading days (5 days for 6 weeks) and getting $25.714 each day you will not be a millionaire. The fake broker images show only what for a crap BrexitBot really is. The fake spot countdown and user counter are only a bit of the full result. There can only be one closure: The BrexitBot is a scam!

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