BTC Prestige experiences/scam review: Fake story!

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BTC Prestige scam exposed:

Hello, welcome to the BTC Prestige experiences and scam review. BTC Prestige looks like a classical platform that deliver winning signals, reasons enough to analyze it deeply. The story it tells is very interested and you may think to join it, but be warned! BTC Prestige is definitively not trustworthy! It is a typical scam, trying to look legit and baits with unrealistic promises, but delivers absolutely useless signals. Please read this whole review, before you lose your money by trading the wrong way. Let us start with the question, who BTC Prestige offers.

BTC Prestige experiences and scam review: Who is behind?

One of the major reasons to call BTC Prestige a scam is, that you don’t hear, who behind this system acts. When we analyze a software, we want to know exact what guys manage our portfolio. BTC Prestige lacks such basic information. Please never use an app where the creators hide their identities, this is a clear sign to detect scam. To be absolutely sure, did we search for BTC Prestige in global business registers like the often used Company Houses for England and Wales. There is not any association between this website and a company. For offering such a money-making scheme is not only a simple company entry for paying taxes necessary, like we all need after earning a country-specific sum, but a license and regulation by a legit financial authority. That BTC Prestige hide his company name, if exists, do we know, that it cannot have such a license. It is not allowed for a licensed platform to hide the own company name.

How works BTC Prestige?

That is a very interesting question. BTC Prestige tells a good story, but not good enough to fool us. Allegedly will the price of encrypted currencies today (in this case at 2018-06-25) “explode”, because Russia and China pass new laws. The storyboard is made really good, but an accurate view expose the lies: it makes absolutely no sense. On the other hand is BTC Prestige with this story worthless. When the price rise so much, it is enough to buy Bitcoins on the exchange of your choice. In real is it nothing more than a signal generator for contract for differences.

BTC Prestige experiences and scam review: Fake story!

How are the BTC Prestige user experiences?

BTC Prestige is a very viral scam, and daily sending members their experiences about good and bad software. Such experiences are mostly the base of scam reviews, else the job is only done to the half. All experiences we receive about BTC Prestige was very bad. It is just a signal generator with an accuration of around 50 %, far way from making profit or the time of usage worth. You won’t neither make profits in the contract for differences nor the binary option industry with this crap system.

 BTC Prestige won't works

Are there still more scam tactics on BTC Prestige?

The BTC Prestige is full of other little and big scam tactics. When you move the mouse out of the viewport of your browser, the page opens a modal popup. This is always the last try to stop you leaving the page and typical for scam applications. At the top are the supposed winning signals and user activities. In fact are these just fake and stock images. The BTC Prestige don’t even contains a function to upload a user pictures. At the bottom of this page are quotes from famous people  like Bill Gates, the CEO of Zappo, Rick Falkvinge and Roger Ver. They said this sentences, but it is without any context and relation to BTC Prestige. None of them had ever heard about this scam page, and this is good for them. Let us finally conclude this review.

 BTC Prestige is full of scam tactics

BTC Prestige experiences/scam review conclusion:

All BTC Prestige experiences was very bad. BTC Prestige is a scam. The loosing signals would blow your deposit away, but continue reading below to learn about the current best way for earning profits at home.

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