Is the Cambridge-Method a scam? This review will show the truth!

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Is the Cambridge-Method a scam?

Do not join the Cambridge-Method before you have read this review. It will show you all the details of the Cambridge-Method and will give you tips for safe trading binary options.

It is the re-re-re-releasen of a very old autotrading service. This should look like a service limited to a specific GEO location. There was Swiss Method/Dutch Method, Malay Method, Singapore Method, London system and much more. That is a fraud tactic to believe the service is only available at your location. But in real are this scam methods available everywhere. The Cambridge-Method goes another way, because it is official applicable anywhere at the world. Nevertheless, it keeps the other scam tactics.

Cambridge-Method: Just another scam?

The Method promise hundreds of thousands of dollars in one month. That is again an unrealistic promise mostly heard at scam services. You won’t get such much cash in less months. A legit autotrader uses a good money management strategy. With these you will make much fund but won’t become a millionaire after one year, but they earn up to $5.000 each week the money management strategy safe you from losing your deposit. If you trade binary options, then you have to get used to the thought to lose trades. You will not lose much if you use the right legit funnel, but 100 % win rate doesn’t exist and will never exist. Scam likes to tell you that they don’t lose any trade, but it is impossible to win all.

The Cambridge-Method is a big scam!

Like most scams it will show you many fake images of broker accounts. You will not get $400.000 in one month and nobody with a spark of sense will let such much salary in the hand of a merchant or a bank. If you have already more scams, then you will notify how similar this video to them of other scams is. The scam actor of the Cambridge-Method tell you over and over the same crap: hundreds of thousands of dollars. Funnily he will show you a brand new broker account and next how this account grown. An obviously fake, because he the account cannot be fresh if he will show you the future.

The Cambridge-Method is full of scam tactics!

The Method has only 20 spot available, this door will close very quickly!  You should know that the domain was already created at 2016-05-23. Limited spots are a typical scam strategy that more people enter quick. It is only a big lie! The scam actor Jack shows an image of 8 trades with 7 ITMs. The win sums are $8.000, $9.000, $10.000, $11.000 and $12.000. That is another unrealistic fact. You don’t see the investment sum at this image, but how much do you need to get exact this sums? To get $8.000 you need to invest between $9.756 and $9.757 at a payout rate of 82%, often seen at brokers. Do you see how unrealistic these payouts at the image are? He will show more of this unrealistic trades.

The Facebook-Fake of this homepage is better than them of the scams before, but still not perfect. First, the texts of the member get random loaded at each page fetch. If you reload the website, then it will load different texts. The links of the names point not to Facebook but at the Cambridge-Method-scam-homepage. So it is no surprise that the images of the supposed users get downloaded from the Cambridge-Method. The most blatancy of this mock Facebook area is that the time string is no link. The common social networks like Facebook and Google Plus use the time string to point to the post.

Cambridge-Method is a scam – how can I avoid them?

The scam actor Jack will not tell you how the Cambridge-Method will work. But transparency is in the binary option industry very important! Such cheating services are already well known. It easy to tell you how it works: You will accede to the Cambridge-Method and it will blow your investment away. We have already seen the tactic to promise payment if the service doesn’t work a long time ago. Make it any sense to promise $10.000 but let you invest first your money? This sounds absolute like the Nigeria scam. The vow is to give you money if you give them money before. The scam actor of the Cambridge-Method shows fake images of broker accounts. But the last clue for scam is the faked Facebook part of Cambridge-Methods homepage.

The Cambridge Method is full of lies!

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