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Centument Project 2.0 by Gerald Reed is the new version of an old scam. The first release was a bogus software, named AmissioFormula. This was the second scam exposed by 6 months ago, the fraudsters replaced this crap with the new cheating application Centument Project. So it is no miracle, that the Centument Project 2.0 try to get all your money too. Continue reading this review to learn, how the Centument Project 2.0 app tried to scam you and whether there is a better alternative available.

This Centument Project 2.0 review will tell you all!

The first ridiculous fact you will see at entering the homepage of Centument Project 2.0 is the income counter of this scam. They will refresh each second with a sum between about $0.01 and $30. Forget this strange scam tactic! A legit autotrader calculate the best trading occupations and place this trades for all members parallel. Anything others makes no sense. Additional, this scam display counting today at Weekend.

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The second lie of the Centument Project 2.0 scam system is that you need to get an invitation email first. You can enter any imaged address to join this fraud autotrading program. This let the website looks like an exclusive location to earn money. But in reality looks the Centument Project 2.0 like all the other scams. Remember at scams like Traders Revenge, Dubai Lifestyle and similar. The fraud tactics of these services got already disclosed in the past. Nobody knows current any real working revenge autotrading bot.

The Centument Project 2.0 scam tell an idiotic story

The story Gerald Reed tell is absolutely nonsense. Brokers are the interface at them software connect too to make – or lose – money. Like all autotrading robots, the Centument Project 2.0 connect to her trusted brokers and placing trades at their accounts. If a broker stop supporting the Centument trading platform, they would make no money anymore. It must be related to a “shady” broker, else it would not work making money.

Forget the statement to make $20- or maybe $30.000 each week. This is simple impossible. That something, we need always keep in mind. A legit application using well-working money management strategies. This makes sure you will not lose your money, but at the other hand cap it your possible income. $1000 per day are possible, but $30.000 per week will keep a dream forever.

The story about reverse engineering of the algorithms of the Centument Project is funny and confusing together. Brokers don’t need this crap, he need only disconnect the trading software. It doesn’t make more sense than all the other, Gerald Reed tell you. Like previous mentored, it is logical that an autotrader place trades after find them to all user parallel. That means, all user have the same trade in her account. If one user steadily win his trades and another user lose them always, it is clear that the broker try to scam his member. Sometimes this happens, because not all broker have always the exact same price. But there is no need to attack the Centument Project. In the theory, broker can show a price they want. It makes absolute no sense, that for 10 % of the members get other trades placed than the other 90 %. This can anybody conclude immediate. It is only a trick. Member already scammed by the Centument Project should think they was one of the 10 %.

A freaky statement, heard many times before, is that Gerald Reed have worked with the world leading mathematicians, engineers, coders. How can he be sure that are the world bests? If he hired such much member for his team, why have nobody heard of Gerald Reed before? He say “No broker can get THEIR hands on YOUR money”. And where deposit you your money?

The Centument Project 2.0 scam will be a software which winning all trades. We are already familiar with this no loss scams. The true is, that it will never be possible to win all trades. A legit autotrader win more than he loses, but after years in the forex industry was already the strangest price movements seen. No Application will ever reach 100 % win rate, even no human will.

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The images of the supposed users are Stockphotos. Stockphotos are Photos taken by anywhere to have pictures on stock. These photos get sold by an agency, but sometimes offered for free. There are many sources, you will find these stock images. Only one example is the webpage

The Centument Project 2.0 scam use stock photos.

Centument Project 2.0 review conclusion

To find a clear verdict about let summarize the full information about the Centument Project 2.0 together. No matter how you look at, the story of Centument Project 2.0 makes absolutely no sense. Gerald Reed is not honest to you and the Centument trading platform is not transparent. It is the continue of two other, a long time ago exposed scams. The story is only a tactic that already scammed user join the fraudsters again. If you want to make money in the binary options industry, say goodbye to the idea to make $20.000 or maybe $30.000 each week. This will only cause in losing all, because you need to throw all safety away. It is no secret, Centument Project 2.0 is a big scam!

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