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CFDSociety is a total useless money stealing scam system. You find very seldom an offer which is so obviously crap, but this review will make sure that nobody will join it ever. Scam systems become slowly rare, because most user earning already money with the help of legit services. If you are one of the few traders which don’t still jointed a legit autotrading bot and have the thoughts to join CFDSociety, read this whole review and decide for the right trading tools.

CFDSociety's lies

Greasing from traders revenge

CFDSociety sell like most softwares before only the dream of being rich. The promotion video starts direct with fake bank accounts and tells how it were great to become a millionaire. That is may true, but a beginner will not earn a million us dollars in only a year. The most limited factor are the investment sum. For a mega millionaire is it no problem to earn an additional million, but a newbie that starts with the basic deposit of $250 to $500 cannot earn such big money.

CFDSociety’s core statement is that the supposed author took a job at a Forex broker. His new boss told Chris Chase that he has to scam his customer to make money. Chris Chase left his new job immediate and found CFDSociety to start really earning money for his members. Got it? That is the same old story already told by too many weird scam systems. The most known fraudsters which used such a story is the old scam Traders Revenge. CFDSociety and all the other crazy lying softwares are great to refer back to this. It is the same old sick fake seen a thousand times before.

Chris Chase, founder of CFDSociet

CFDSociety use not a typical main scam actor that tells you a dump scripted story, but typical Fiverr scam actors. We will come back to this fact later. This boring software take the easy way out and show only a stock image. Nowhere at social medias and general websites is any information about him, so we cannot finally clarify if this Chris Chase really exist. But from the side of a binary option and CFD trader makes it no difference. No matter if Chris Chase agenda a pure investigation or present only a stock photo – You can never ever trust him or the CFDSociety.

Chris Chase is only a stock image!

CFDSociety and personal invitations

That scammer send you personal invitations is an always repeating lie. At the end of this review do you find like a direct link to this fraud offer. You can use it to simple verify the review if you like, but please never ever enter any personal information at this dump money stealing scheme, while legit services waiting for you. The CFDSociety is a public homepage, reachable from everywhere. You don’t need any personal inviting.

CFDSociety is the only mathematic-proved risk-free system?

Stop kidding! Chris Chase tell over and over again, that his system is mathematic-proved. But he lacks this prove, even how the system works. More important is that he tells, you risk nothing because you don’t have to pay for the whole system. A trader risk his money, telling anything others is very dishonest. The reason why big homepages like or BinaryOptionSheriff are full of tips and tricks is to prevent traders for losing their investment. For investors which want making money online is an honest platform the only true choice.

Only limited spots?

CFDSociety tells it open his door once again and raise the user limit to 100 more people. This is the usually bs, one of two scams tell. The sadly truth is that such crap scam ten of thousand people, while fake traders promote it to get a bit of the cash. The fake spot countdown is only to generate panic and nudge you to join. Funnily, this weir tell. The sadly truth is that such crap scam ten of thousand people, while fake traders promote it to get a bit of the cash.

The fake spot countdown is only to generate panic and nudge you to join. This weird piece of code run in both directions. It counts down toward zero, stop at one and increment a bit again. The video contains at the end a lot red texts, commanding to join and a typical HTML overlay popup to stop you at leaving, inclusive a bad implemented redirect. CFDSociety do all that you join, that is not a limited system!

CFDSociety scam review conclusion

The CFDSociety is a typical ridiculous app full of lies. First red alerts to keep away occurred direct, because Chris Chase is only a stock photo. The usage of well-known scam actors and fake spot countdown is a dump try to nudge you to join. It is not an exclusive offer, CFDSociety is a scam and do all that you leave your money!

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