client.show_message explained with examples

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client.show_message is a method defined in the stratum protocol for the use of encrypted currency mining pools to show miners a message text line.

Function of client.show_message:

This as JSON decoded method call is always sent from pool to miners, has a string as parameter and no response. The mining software should show this message string in any way to the user.

client.show_message call:


Extra line-wrapping for readability. Spaces get ignored, a call ends with a line feed. (UTF-8 10/0x0A)

	"id": null,
	"method": "client.show_message",
	"params": [ <String to show> ]

The request has the same structure as all stratum commands. id could be anything, since there is no response defined. method contains the name of the method to call, in this case client.show_message. params is just a list, containing the string to show.


	"id": null,
	"method": "client.show_message",
	"params": [ "Hello Miner. :)" ]

client.show_message example

client.show_message response:

client.show_message has no response defined.

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