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Hello, welcome to the Crypto Advantage scam review and experience report. Please read this post carefully to the end, the service you see here is mind-blowing! It is the most popular and highest rated software available.


Before you start, don’t forget, is here to help. We will guild you from your first website visit, download of the free eBook, the first successful trade and your first profit withdraw. When you want to earn money from home, send immediate a message with the contact form and ask all you want to know. We are very happy, that just a legitimate Bitcoin offer is open for your registration. It is great, that you follow this homepage and want to invest in the right systems. Much software, like the viral Bitcoin Code, want to be a trader for encrypted currencies, but is only a CFD autotrader. Other systems try to build up illegal ponzi schemes, the creators hide behind the anonymous cash. But now it is time to forget such crap, it is time to learn how to trade encrypted currencies! It is understandable that you feel in a new market clueless and don’t know which systems bring the best results, but we did always say to be patenting, since brilliant websites are current in development. And here is it! It offers not only a manual about encrypted currencies but is a social trading platform to copy the best trades from experts and learn how to maximize your profits.

Unfortunately, Crypto Advantage is already closed for new registrations. Please try the newest app with a win rate of up to 94 %: Crypto MasterBot.

Before you start trading, download first your personal eBook. You will receive an email with the hyperlink after creating your personal free account at Crypto Advantage. This text (currently 44 pages!) is full of the information about crypto-currencies, get your first money, mining, trading, investing and fending scam attacks. It is strong recommended reading this file now to learn all you need to know. Creating your account and downloading the files should not exceed two minutes.

Warning: Please use ever the hyperlink of your trusted blog above and set a bookmark. There are already scammer with fake copies online. Using a link is your best protection against such scam tactics.

What can the Crypto Advantage do for you?

The price of the virtual money raising steadily and reaches day for day a new all-time high. That is, why better starts with them today than tomorrow. The Crypto Advantage was developed by professional traders for other traders to share their success. All trades are copied by these top traders, and you should not be the only one that doesn’t profits from encrypted currencies. You have the free choice which trader you will follow. Each have a public and transparency profile to help in your decide.

The eBook is just a small part of the so-called Trade, Learn, Profit-Program (short TLP). A major part of Crypto Advantage’s offer is to learn, and you will see how much fun it is to learn when you increment your bank account with your knowledge. Cryptocurrency have already made a lot millionaires, any you are might the next. It doesn’t work overnight, but it is unbelievable how much money waits for you and your income grow exponential with your whole available money.

Crypto Advantage’s Trade, Learn, Profit-Program

You think emails are an impersonal way to communicate and get rid of issues? No Problem! The Crypto Advantage contains as the leading investment solution a live chat. You are able to write not only in the case of technical problems but with all current active traders! With this do you not only copy trades from the bests, but you are an active part of this special group. This is the main factor of this unique system. It gives you more control than ever over your deposit, because it teaches you how to earn money.

Crypto Advantage's eBook cover

Earning money with Bitcoins is easy: You may just buy Bitcoins and wait until the price raised, like descriptive in the Bitcoin Introduction. That are good profits, but in this way will you never see the really big money. Smart traders react with the recent price changes. When the price falls for a short time period, they sell Bitcoins and buy them again when the price is lower to let them grow. The Crypto Advantage will optimize your deposit for the most possible profits.

CurrencyPrice a year agoPrice today
(As mentioned in the source)
All time highIncreasing rate
((All time high / 1 year ago) * 100)
$4975.04815.270 %
$414.763462.100 %
$0.177808$0.435174964.860 %
Litecoin$3.84$46.24$92.072397.660 %
Monero$10.53$92.81$154.581467.996 %
ETH Classic$1.31$10.52$24.621879.389 %
$260.57$409.773216.405 %
Nem$0.005748$0.195542$0.3491786057.376 %


Reasons to chooce Crypto Advantage

Bitcoin is often a synonym of encrypted currencies, because it was the first and is the most known and popular, but it is not the only and may not the one with the most profit. Important is not the actual price but the increase of the value. Crypto Advantage support current six different currencies, which give a lot opportunities for earning money.

Bitcoin (BTC): The source of the virtual currencies and never a wrong choice.
Litecoin (LTC): Litecoins are beside of BTC one of the oldest virtual currencies and very cheap. This allow to buy a lot coins and refined perfect fitting strategies.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH): This is the result of the Bitcoin hard fork in August 2017 and increase his worth very fast.
Ethereum (ETH): Ether has a big potential and probably pass the performance of Bitcoins in the near future.
NEO: Alias Antshare, is similar to Ether and is predicted to double his price soon.
Monero (XMR): That is not a usual cash but has major changes in the algorithm.

How much can the Crypto Advantage earn for me?

This is a bit hard to predict, since it depends strong on the market conditions. Crypto Advantage tells $100 per hour, what a good and realistic sum in this industry for advanced traders is and got confirmed. But it is only an average value, you will sometimes earn more, sometimes fewer. It is strong recommend that you start with the least investment sum, until you have the right feeling for the platform. For a beginner are $100 per day more realistic.

Broker experiences and showcast

All of Crypto Advantages associated brokers are full licensed. That make them generally very safe, because they act according to the laws. test brokers, but there are a lot and the experiences may differ. Please send your experiences of your allocated broker to [email protected] to share them with new traders.

Please send your experiences with Crypto Advantage too, like a screenshot of your broker account or app with your income to share it in this blog and videos.

Currency view in the broker platform

Crypto Advantage shows the signals as the currency-in-currency price, like BTCUSD for Bitcoin in US-Dollar or LTCEUR for Litecoin in Euro. Most broker show them only as the cryptocurrency names like Bitcoin and Litecoin. These are mostly the actual exchange rates in USD. It is possible to trade the signals for EUR with an asset in USD, but you should first start with USD and include EUR after your first ten or twenty successful trades.

When is the best time to trade with Crypto Advantage?

Unlike regular computer-controlled trading softwares is there no general best time. Each trader you may follow has his personal time with brings the most profit. Just trust in them and their performance, and let them work in their own way.

Any issue while creating an account?

When you create an account store Crypto Advantage this information in your browser cookies. On the next visit set Crypto Advantage the text field for name and similar to invisible. Before you visit Crypto Advantage, please make sure to always delete your cookies. This makes sure all works like expected.

How to deposit money into the broker account?

It is strong recommend to use always a credit card if you buy something. You can ask your credit cards company like Visa and MasterCard for sending the money back in the case you become scammed. This safety doesn’t exists with wire transfer. Please read the beginner tips to learn more. All broker support the payment with credit cards.

In the case you doesn’t own a credit card yet selling many gas stations and kiosks virtually credit cards. In the simplest case get you a printed bon with credit card number, expiration date and CVV similar to a paysafecard.

How much cost Crypto Advantage?

Such access to live traders is not cheap, but you are very lucky, current is the Crypto Advantage really full free to use! How long it remains is not sure, but you will definitively not lose this chance. It is far more worth than you can imagine. Thank you very much for reading this scam review. Our experiences was absolutely positive. If you have any questions, no matter what, simple email or use the small contact form. The big eBook is your first step in the financial freedom. Simple log in and download it, within two minutes. You will see how fast your deposit grows with your knowledge.

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