Crypto Advantage vs. Maximus Edge AutoBot – Start with which?

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Hello, welcome to the comparison between the new Crypto Advantage and Maximus Edge AutoBot. Cryptocurrencies have become very fast the strongest growing assets and nowhere else become more people millionaires and fulfill their dreams. On the other hands have Maximus Edge in the past already prove that it generates winning signals, so what is the best choice? Regularly currencies or Crypto? Please read this review carefully to the end to have a good overview how each trading system will help you in which kinds. Both apps are great, and there is no reason to don’t use both. This post is especially to tell you what you can expect from the apps and to help beginners to decide for their first platform.

Both apps don’t accept new user anymore; see the best trading app, even in time of COVID-19: Calloway Crypto System

Crypto Advantage trades cryptocurrencies, Maximus Edge AutoBot trades all

That is the biggest difference between these candidates. Crypto Advantage’s support currently six currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), NEO and Monero (XMR). An overview of this money is in the Crypto Advantage review. There is a reason, why experiences with them are always so positive: The price climbs higher and higher. After some temporary pullbacks, pushes the price even stronger upwards. This long trends make a failure nearly impossible. The interface is very clean. At the top are some menu items, below are the signals on a grid.

Crypto Advantage's interface

The Maximus Edge AutoBot gives access to signals of each usual currency pair, like EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and USD/CAD. It provides rare signals for Bitcoins too. Maxim Edge has on average more signals parallel. The interface is tidy too, the signals are on a grid, at the top is a top to switch to the chart (read more below). Left is the menu for settings.

Maximus Edge AutoBot's interface

Here is no better or worst, it depends on your preference. The views of the signals looks in both applications similar and are easy to trade. All in all is the trading of cryptocurrencies recommended, the reasons are found in the points below. Both pretty user interfaces are full responsive. That means it fit on any device, no matter if your trade using your desktop computer or smartphone.

Crypto Advantage copies from real traders, Maximus Edge AutoBot uses well-known indicators

The may best feature of Crypto Advantage is, that the signals basing on a voting system. This unique system was created by a big group of professional traders. All have their own way to trade and voting in the background. It is not a usual social trader, to protect the user are only this experts able to vote. See the image above about Crypto Advantage’s signals.

Crypto Advantage's trader

Maximus Edge AutoBot uses an own developed expert advisor, called the Maximus Edge EA. This bases on five most used indicators: Bollinger Bands, Privot levels, Stochastic RSI, MACD and Fibonacci. You might use one of them already, they go back at least forty years to earn money in the finance markets.

We have no clue how usual scam softwares work, and no interest to figure it out. It is properly only a random number generator. It invents crazy stories like the Tera App or say nothing like the Bitcoin Code. Please note, this is a big red stop sign. Never ever use a software that is not one hundred percent honesty and transparent.

It depends here again on your personal preferences. Most like to rather copy from real traders than from a computer. This is understandable, a technical indicator always executes the same commands, while a human reacts to the current market conditions. That doesn’t mean an indicator is bad, but you will have a higher win rate.

Crypto Advantage has a higher accuration than the Maximus Edge AutoBot

Somebody said “The best indicator is the human eyes”, and Crypto Advantage proves it. Maximus Edge reaches a ITM rate of over 85 % over a longer time. This is a great result, but Crypto Advantage is still better. Beside of the humans trader are cryptocurrencies current more easy to predict than regular assets. 90 or even 100 % wins in a trading session is not uncommon.

A scam reaches only accuration of around 50 %. This is far away to make profits. Your deposit will shrink steadily.

Crypto Advantage offer free trading education, Maximus Edge AutoBot professional charts and risk management

Both apps have brilliant extras you will love. If you follow, do you already know, that you find a hugh eBook at Crypto Advantage to download. (Else, it is time to join the newsletter to the right now). Simple visit the homepage and create a free account. You don’t need to deposit any money, or run in similar usual scam tactics. You are instant able to download it. But this is not all. It lists available traders and allow chatting with them, like you see at the image above! You get now only a free signal generator but a full education suite.

Crypto Advantage's eBook cover

Maximus Edge AutoBot has in his user interface a full chart software integrated. It supports each timeframe, indicator and view you want. But the may best feature is the genius risk management. You are able to set up exact maximum investments and stop loss for each broker individually. This gives you unbelievable protection.

Maximus Edge AutoBot's charts

A scam offers none of such great features and leaves you alone after you joined up.

Crypto Advantage vs. Maximus Edge AutoBot (vs. scam) – Conclusion and joining

Thank you very much for reading this comparison. Crypto Advantage and Maximus Edge AutoBot are both very powerful tools. They are clearly scam-free and you will not miss them. Joining is very simple and fast, but it is recommended to claim first the free eBook, no matter which of both you will use. Crypto Advantage is current the more recommended app, because the high flying price of encrypted currencies gives strong trading opportunities. But there is no reason to don’t use both simultaneous. Just visit the homepages of Crypto Advantage and Maximus Edge AutoBot, and fill up the simple form with your full name and email address. You will get immediate access to the trading platform. It is the best to clear your cookies before you visit the pages to make sure all works like expected, and to use a fresh email address to don’t miss any important email from the services. Good Luck!

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