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Hello, welcome to the Crypto Edge System experiences and scam review. The Crypto Edge System is a relative new System and promises already to earn thousands of dollar each day using encrypted currencies, but a lot emails about scammed members tell another story. It is about time to write an accurate review. Please read the whole text before you invest any money. Very interesting is, that it is just a try to copy one of the current best available trading solutions. But we want first share our Crypto Edge System experiences before we tell you how to right earning money from home.

Crypto Edge System experiences: How it works

The Crypto Edge System is supposedly the world’s #1 crypto profits system and a powerful way for earning a lot money. We want first figure out how the Crypto Edge Systems works. It should be the most intelligent trading algorithm. This statement is used by many scams, but how do you make an algorithm intelligent? It claims to use Blockchain technology to deliver 99.7 % winning rate. The Blockchain is the database behind encrypted currencies like Bitcoins, but what should help any database technology to trade? This is a dump but usual statement. 99.7 % winning rate is mathematical and logical not possible. A real trading system and a very good human trader reaches a rate of around 85 to 90 % over a longer time.

Crypto Edge System has dump claims

Who rated Crypto Edge System as number one trading software?

We are interested in reading other Crypto Edge System experiences. It claims to became tested and approved by expert cryptocurrency traders, various financial news websites and many crypto communities from around the world. A search brings only warnings to don’t join. A search to the most important financial news websites Forbes, CNN, Time’s Money and Fortune bring not any entry about the Crypto Edge System. All in all is there not any positive post about this platform online.

Who is responsible for the Crypto Edge System?

The Crypto Edge System claims to employee over 500 developers all around the world. The problem is, that there is no company or owner name behind. All registrations like the domain name and the certificate are done using typical third-party companies to hide the identity. We cannot trust anybody who don’t tell his personality. There is no real registered business name to find, which makes it very unrealistic to employee 500 people. And why do we find only negative messages about the system which such an employee count?

Crypto Edge System experiences and scam review

How earn the Crypto Edge System money?

Interesting is the statement, that it only profit when the members reach their profit goals. But how profiting the Crypto Edge System? Most systems we know are limited time free usable, while the access become sold in the future. It makes no sense that the system makes money if you make money. In the reality redirect such fraud services to scam broker and getting a part of the lost money. Please take care to join a verified trading service which only support legit brokers.

The Crypto Edge System provides a crap eBook

The Crypto Edge System tries to copy the great Crypto Advantage and provides a free eBook. Other than the book of Advantage is it total useless. Most information are provided on a lot homepages and free to read, other are total crap. You can’t and won’t learn how to trade encrypted currencies from this book, please don’t try it. There are a lot free eBooks with really useful information available.

Crypto Edge System experience and scam review conclusion

All Crypto Edge System experiences was very bad. There are only fake information and a bogus eBook, but answer not the basic question. Crypto Edge System is a scam! Please keep away from this money stealing crap. There is a very good trading solution, to earn money from home. Please read below to learn more.

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