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Hello, welcome to the Crypto Genius experiences inclusive full scam review. This whole post cover each information about Crypto Genius to make sure, that you always join the right system. Please read the text to the end to learn, why Crypto Genius is not worth your attention. But at the end will we figure out how to earn real money from home online.

The Crypto Genius experience and scam review

The Crypto Genius is a classical scam, trying to bait with dump unrealistic promises. It guarantees to earn $5.900 in the next 24 hours. This information is already enough to be very skeptical. Someone that guarantee to earn money in the market is not trustworthy. There is always a small chance that your day end with losses, it won’t be risk-free. That happening to the best traders, but it is no problem, since the next day will be better. The biggest challenge to newbies is to understand this. Some tends to invest more money if they lost, but this is the wrong way! When you lose money, keep calm and simple continue with your investment strategy. Loses are part of the game, but focus on the money you will earn.

$5.900 is a strange number, why not $6.000? It is logical, that you will not earn a fixed amount. Nevertheless, it is a lot too much for a beginner. This is with a basic investment of $250, the starter amount of most traders, impossible. A good newbie earn around $100 each day. This increment the deposit steadily and with it the investment sum. Such unrealistic promises ends only in mistakes, because it lacks any kind of money management. Please read the beginner tips to learn more.

Crypto Genius is a scam

The Crypto Genius is not a secret system

The Crypto Genius tells that billionaires like Mark Cuban use this secret system. The most important word is “like”. Mark Cuban made definitive never money with CDF. As a billionaire do you have a lot more ways for earning money, like real estates. Please follow real trading experiences. Such trading systems are for average people that want to earn money from home. Trading will you not make to a millionaire overnight, it is a steady incrementation of your deposit. Some people live from trading, but it could take years to become a real millionaire.

The Crypto Genius video is full of stock images and clips. These images are only a way to play with your mind and don’t reflect your experiences, it is only a scam tactic. Real working solutions don’t try to manipulate you with stock images. The supposed creator of the Crypto Genius is called Chris Peterson. He is like the whole system a fake. Nowhere is any piece of information about him, and the photo is just another stock image.

Chris Peterson Chris Peterson stock photo

The Crypto Genius uses a usual fake spot countdown

The Crypto Genius website contains a usual beta spot countdown. This kind of pressure is already known from most scams. It is a counter, and count in both ways, but will never reach 0. Simple reload the website, and this fake JavaScript counter starts again with a great value. When you try to leave the website, it shows the same popup as at Ethereum Code. The content of this modal div doesn’t match the counter of the main homepage.

 Crypto Genius fake popup

One bad Crypto Genius experiences why we call it a scam is, that it was never at a news channel like CNN and BBC. A search on the website shows only, that they never heard about, there is absolutely not any result about this autotrading robot. The images of supposed users of the Crypto Genius are just other lies. These are not members, that are stock images. For example is Chris Matheson not a Turkish (“Chris”?) ex-Uber driver, but employee of the English SustainableAcoustics.

Crypto Genius fake testimonials

Sustainable Acoustics employees

The Crypto Genius experience and scam conclusion

We have only bad Crypto Genius experiences, that is a big scam. Please keep away, joining such an untrustable service is just wasting of your money. But like mentioned at begin of the review do we not stop, there is an application to earn real money.

Thank you very much for reading this scam review about Please like and share it at social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Write a review below if you are already member to share your experiences. In the case you feel scammed, ask MyChargeBack, the only trusted way to recover your losses. Read below to use the most popular app.

Visit and subscript the official YouTube channel in → English and → German. You will see the new Videos about scams, strategies and other tipps for earning money as first. It is a must-have for working from home.

For further questions email to or use the simple contact form.

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January 9, 2018 at 6:34 am

crypto genius ist betrug

danke fürs teilen eurer crypto genius erfahrungen
keine frage, ist betrug


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