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Hello, welcome to the Crypto Money Maker experiences with scam review. The Crypto Money Maker App by Jordan Wood is a website that promises to earn ten of thousand of dollars using encrypted currencies, like Bitcoin. After a study of the whole offer is it important to warn against. There is no reason to think it would really work, it contains mostly only tricks to play with your mind and lies. Please read this full Crypto Money Maker scam review to the end before you invest your money, at the end of the review do you find the current best way for earning money from home.

Crypto Money Maker experiences: Only a copy?

When we see the Crypto Money Maker the first time, we know we did read the same texts few days ago. The Video is new, but the rest of the homepage looks nearly exact like the ICO Money Maker, reviewed only four days ago. It is not the first time, scammers try to reuse an old scam to steal more money. Think back at Tesler and Rio Profits, and Terabit Trader and Tera App. They share not only the same design, a short lookup shows that both landing pages resist on the same server. A good and easy tool for IP Lookups is for Linux and Window ping, which shows the IP for a resolved hostname. This is the definitive proof that the same people behind the ICO Money Maker created the Crypto Money Maker too.

Crypto Money Maker and ICO Money Maker are the same scam!

Crypto Money Maker uses a fake spot countdown

These and related techniques are usual called pressure techniques. They want, that you get panic that you join fast as possible. But that are only lies! The spot countdown count beginning from around 30 random down to 1. Then it may count upwards too. The counter starts again from around 30, if you reload the homepage. An other common lie is, that you are exclusive selected to see this video. This is like always a public homepage, you could every time visit and see this video. When you see this homepage without following the hyperlink in this review, means this only, that any scammer don’t like you and redirected you to this crap offer in the hope you lose your money.

Crypto Money Maker experiences: It's a scam!

The fake user wins and the popup is the same as in ICO Money Maker, but become here analyzed again that you don’t need to read this review. The users that supposed wins a lot of money are just stock photos, stolen from everywhere. That are no really users but always the same images above a random number.

When you try to leave this page, a modal popup try to stop you. That is exact the same as a game ask you on exit “Do you want really exit?”. It should stop you, that you may want to continue. But it is a good idea to leave this scam page. A real working solution don’t need to use such dirty tricks.

Crypto Money Maker use known scam tactics!

Who is Jordan Wood?

The story is basically the same as 30 Minute Money Methods, but we don’t expect any association. The different is, that this time Jordan a man is. You never see his face in the video, was we don’t like. It is hard to trust anybody who doesn’t show himself. We have tried to find more about this name, but it redirects us always to the Crypto Money Maker. We don’t believe that Jordan Wood really exists, but is a paid actor arranged by the really masterminds behind this scam.

Crypto Money Maker experiences and scam review conclusion

There are so many big and little lies, you can never trust this software. All in all is their nearly no truly word into, it is absolutely dishonesty. Out Crypto Money Maker experiences point clearly only in one direction: Crypto Money Maker is a scam! Please don’t use it for your own safety! But there is at lest one verified money machine, you should use to start working from home. Please read continue reading below to learn more.

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Visit and subscript the official YouTube channel in → English and → German. You will see the new Videos about scams, strategies and other tipps for earning money as first. It is a must-have for working from home.

For further questions email to or use the simple contact form.

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