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Hello, welcome to the Crypto Robot 365 experiences and scam review. You may think that the market is full of good working trading bots, but when it comes to the trading of encrypted currencies, should you use definitively only the best. The truth is, that most offers are non-serious and don’t deliver high quality trading signals. Most want just your money, but you can identity them. Please read this whole review, before you invest into the Crypto Robot 365. We show at the end the best tool for making money online, Let us start with the question, who found this autotrader.

Crypto Robot 365 experiences and scam review: Who is the initiator and owner?

The first fact why the Crypto Robot 365 is not reputable is, that we don’t know who the men behind are. On the website is not any hint who it really created, neither a person- nor a company name. We cannot and won’t trust any service, where the developer hide their face. Such shady tactics are only used on scam homepages, a legit software don’t need to hide the own identity. You must always know, who your portfolio manage. But the main factor for this big problem is, that a legal regulation for the Crypto Robot 365 impossible is. A regulated company must not drive a service full anonymous. That means, it acts illegally and may do virtually all with your money they won’t. Please make sure you trade only with legit regulated and licensed systems. We will now check the quote on the index page.

What said about Crypto Robot 365?

On the landing page is a quote of to see:

Finally – a smart way to invest in Bitcoin is primary a trader news site. We were very interested into their opinion and searched for this quote. There was not any page that contains this text fragment, but we found a lot older websites with it, all supposedly a unique crypto system. It is not new, that scammer recycle their software and release them with another name to scam more members.

The quote on Crypto Robot 365 is a fake!

About Crypto Robot 365 do you even find associations  with the very old verified scam Fintech (release 2017-02-07). Let us look on the assumed wins.

Crypto Robot 365 is a recycled scam!


Shows the Crypto Robot 365 live trades?

On the index page is on the left a vertical area shows supposed trades. This is useless, because it shows only wins. For an accurate view do you need both, winning and losing trades. We know that it is impossible to win each trade. Any app or human, that claims it, lies. To compare the profitability, must you exactly know how much money the user gained and lost. But this so-called live trades have a more important secret: After analyze the source code of the homepage is clearly, that this script is a pure fake. In fact is this just a script that adds a random name and trade win to the sidebar. Please make sure that the results, somebody shows you, are accurate and real. Scammer love to bait with fabricated trade data. Now let us check the best traders.

Are there really top earner on Crypto Robot 365?

An important question is how much money you can earn with this autotrader. This depends on many factors, but all in all is a list of the top trader very pretty to see. Too bad, that the user list is just another fake and lie to scam new investors. Interesting is, that scammer like to show fake member images, while no real autotrader allows to upload an own image. These images become loaded direct from a static directory.

Crypto Robot 365 contains fake members!

The proof, that these are just images bought or stolen from any source, brings a web search. This shows unambiguous, that this are stock photos and definitively not members. This image shown below for example is an avatar of a Tina Zimmermann. Let us give this review a final verdict.

Crypto Robot 365 contains only stock photos!

Crypto Robot 365 experiences and scam review conclusion

All Crypto Robot 365 experiences was very bad. Crypto Robot 365 is a scam! Please never use this non-serious platform! But continue reading below to learn about the current best way for earning money from home!

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