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Welcome to the Crypto Shield experiences and scam review. Encrypted currencies are a great way to earn a lot of money and many people became already rich, but this doesn’t mean that each software hold what it promises. This accurate review will cover all the experiences made with Crypto Shield and figure out if Crypto Shield is a scam. Please read it to the end, before you think about joining this trading platform. At the bottom will you know, how to earn most money as possible.

What offers Crypto Shield?

The first view at the website bring more question than answers. Nowhere is written, how the Crypto Shield earn money with encrypted currencies. That is already the first minus point. The Crypto Shield try to look honestly and answers some questions truthful, but lacks the basic information. It promises to earn at least $1500 today, if you activate your account today. This is a usual scam tactic. Profiting on the market is never guaranteed. Sometimes close the market for the best traders with a loss. A good trader ignore the loss as a side effect of trading and continue without affect. This is the most important beginner tip and basic risk management. But on the other hand is such a statement a strong scam indicator. The experiences tell, that there waiting still more lies to expose.

Crypto Shield experiences: It is a scam

The amount of $1500 is a lot too huge. Usual are such sums for experienced traders, but the Crypto Shield says explicit, that you will earn this if you create your account today. For a beginner are a hundred dollar each day a good starting point. You will not become rich quick by trading. It is a good secondary and for somes a primary income, but this takes weeks to months. Such lying trading scam often tells that you can become a millionaire in one or may two years. This is impossible, because one of the targets of an application is money management. Without money management of most crap apps can you may become rich fast, but the chance is a lot bigger to lose all you invest.

Crypto Shield has a bad helpless video

The video contains a voice and crazy flying texts. Such animations are nice to test but looks not trustworthy like a brilliant trading robot. It is full of stock photos, for example of cars and women in bikini, too. We hate stock photos, since it is a cheap and easy way to play with your mind. You may think that this software brings you a new lifestyle, but trading is a steadily incrementation of your deposit.  The Crypto Shield author is called Anthony Hopkins. The photo of Hopkins is just another stock image, we have found on many other homepages. You cannot expect positive experiences from a service that doesn’t admit who the guy behind is.

Anthony Hopkins Anthony Hopkins stock images

Crypto Shield tells to have an accuration 99 %. This is a common lie in the trading business. There is absolutely no software and no human that can predict price movement with such an accuration. A good program reaches a winning rate of around 85 %. Please take care to join a service that is absolutely honesty and don’t fall for these cheap lies.

Crypto Shield contains fake testimonials

All testimonials of the Crypto Shield homepage are only invented by the scam authors, there are no real positive experiences. A search shows only warnings, and we receive daily emails of scammed people. All images are only copied from stock photos.

Crypto Shields fake reviews

Crypto Shield experiences and scam review conclusion

Crypto Shield tell you nothing useful and is full of lies. It is absolutely important that you join only an honestly financial software. Please avoid this money stealing system, it is not associated with a legitimate broker. When you deposit money, it is gone.

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