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CRYPTO Soft scam exposed:

Hello, welcome to the CRYPTO Soft experiences and scam review. CRYPTO Soft by Thomas Green promise to earn $5.489 in the next 24 hours. That would be great, but is it really possible? A big checkup later is it important to warn against this service. All facts pointing to the only conclusion: CRYPTO Soft is a scam. Please read this full review before you invest any money into these systems, it will tell you why it is not trustworthy. At the bottom of the review do you find the current best way for earning money from home to help you in the future.

CRYPTO Soft experiences: A great trading opportunity?

The first bad CRYPTO Soft experience is, that the videos name CryptoBit is. This seem like a reused video clip, because the softwares name is not mentioned in the clip. It tells you absolute nothing useful, not even how the app works. The only thing is, that they worked as software engineering and trader in the wall street. It is very important to tell, how a system works. When you follow the scam reviews for longer, you know that there are in the last time very much Crypto-scams with always a very cheap video and empty promises. Stay tuned, because we informed you always about the best available services.

CRYPTO Soft has no company

The supposed company behind is called the Crypto Company and was found seven years ago. A search about this business brought no real results, no address and no regulation. The domain was registered about a third party company to hide the identity of the real issuer. That means, there is not any reason to believe that there is really a company behind. This CRYPTO Soft experiences was very bad, since until now was all statements pure fake.

CRYPTO Soft experiences and scam review

CRYPTO Soft is insecure

Please never ever add any personal details at the CRYPTO Soft homepage. It doesn’t have a working certificate for encrypted HTTPs connections. All data you may enter are public readable. When you try to join this software, all your personal details could become stolen.

CRYPTO Soft is insecure

CRYPTO Soft use a scam-typical popup

When you try to leave this website, a modal popup try to stop you. This is a common scam tactic. The popup is the next-to-last try that you enter your personal detail and invest money into this strange system. All this is again a contradiction to the strong limited spots. If the spots are really strong limited, the webmaster would not do all to stop you. The last try to stop you, is to show a text box triggered when you try to leave the page, and redirect to an exit page.

CRYPTO Soft scam popup

CRYPTO Soft contains fake member texts

All user CRYPTO Soft experiences are pure fake, invented by the scam authors. We have online searched for the images and figured out, that these was simple stolen from different places. The so-called Stephanie for example is the avatar of a YouTube channel with the name Finlay Richardson. Invent fake opportunities is another usual scam tactic.

CRYPTO Soft fake members

CRYPTO Soft experiences and scam review conclusion:

To conclude our CRYPTO Soft experiences, we answer the most important question: Can you earn $5.489 daily with a basic investment of $250 to $500? The answer is strict no! A good software reaches a profit of $50 to $100 each trading hour. Additional change the income claim with each statement. The trading income is supposed full passive. But with a real trading solution have you to active trade. It may show you signals, but you should never give a software full access of your deposit. This is very dangerous, and many investors lost already their whole money with such a crap. CRYPTO Soft is a scam! Please don’t join it. But there is a really good software to start earning money from home. Please continue reading below to learn more.

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Jürgen Fuerst

February 2, 2018 at 12:17 pm


Thank you for sharing your Crypto Soft experiences. It is clearly a scam, I lost $500 within hours! 🙁


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