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Crypto Trend Rider (

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Hello, welcome to the Crypto Trend Rider experiences and scam review. The Crypto Trend Rider is supposedly a software that generates a lot of winning signals for big and little encrypted currencies. Beside of Bitcoin and Litecoin support it less known currencies like aelf and VeChain. But we can tell you that this just a lame scam. The software is distributed over the ClickBank network, and this is just the only good thing. ClickBank transfer the money between the Crypto Trend Rider and your bank account and gives you a real chance to get your money back after you see that the software is useless. But all in all is ClickBank not a full protection against scams, for example the old 30 Minute Money Methods. Please read this whole review, before you buy such an expensive license. At the end of this review do you find the current best way for earning money from home. We start with the question, who the Crypto Trend Rider created.

Crypto Trend Rider experiences: Who is Roger Pierce?

The Crypto Trend Rider contains a video to tell you about the whole offer. Sadly, it contains not much useful information. Very important is, who the signal generator created. According to this homepage is the authors name Roger Pierce. That there is not anything about this allegedly CEO is the first warn that there is something wrong. Only his voice is to hear in this video, you see nowhere his face. He tells he started his financial career at the financial services company J.P. Morgan and had massive successful as a binary option trader. It should not be such hard to find all about a high employee of such a big company. Proofs like social media accounts and employee data would exist. Even the certificate and the domain name was register using reseller to hide their real identity. Roger Pierce does not real exist!

Crypto Trend Rider experiences and scam review!

By the way, was the homepage not created by professionals. The encrypted layer of the homepage is cannot fetch the video clip for security reason. That means, when you watch the video are you at the unencrypted part and make it very dangerous to type in any personal details like your email address. Such information could become easily stolen. Please make sure to use only secure websites like that really protect your data. Modern browsers show this using a lock icon in the address bar. You cannot expect that this was the work of somebody who have much money available. But let us check how the Crypto Trend Rider works.

How generates the Crypto Trend Rider signals?

It is important to know how a software works to trust it. Transparency is very important in the financial niche. The Crypto Trend Rider give all strategies only numeric names. Forget an app that doesn’t tell how it works. At the homepage is an area of past signals, another reason don’t to trust this application. It doesn’t contain the expiration rate or the trend direction. Such fabricated results will you see many times, but the only real signals that matters are live signals. This is a real cheap and often seen scam tactic, there is nothing more to say. Let us look if the Crypto Trend Rider own a license.

Crypto Trend Rider show fabricated results!

Is the Crypto Trend Rider licensed?

For selling financial software is a legal license necessary. Behind the Crypto Trend Rider is no real company. The software is full anonymous. You don’t know who is behind, because it is not this fake Roger Pierce. This makes a real license impossible. Please make sure to buy only from full valid verified businesses. Let us conclude this review.

Crypto Trend Rider experiences and scam review verdict

The Crypto Trend Rider experiences was very bad. It is the usual lying website with fake creator, no license/regulation and fabricated results. Please don’t buy this, the Crypto Trend Rider is a scam. But read below to learn about the current most recommend way for earning money from home.

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