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Cryptohopper latest experiences and scam review:

Hello, welcome to the Cryptohopper experiences and scam review. Cryptohopper is a website, promising an automatic encrypted currencies autotrader robot running in a “cloud”. What the cloud means will keep a secret forever, but we can tell you, Cryptohopper is not trustworthy. This dangerous system scammed already ten of thousand investors and counting. Please read this review, before it is too late:

Cryptohopper experiences and scam review: Start to expose:

Cryptohopper was allegedly founded by two brothers, seeing the potential of cryptocurrencies for money making. One of them was daytrader, the other one was a web developer. The bot grew fast and is now available seven days long for free. This is the usual story, we heard already a lot of times. Cryptohopper offers a full automatic trader, but you’re able to subscript a signal generator. On that site is very much content for such a bad system. In the documentation pages is a video of the dashboard. It is obviously, Cryptohopper is nothing new. It bases on the free WordPress and phpBB, and has nothing to do with “brilliant web design”, said on the website. There are many indices, proving Cryptohopper is a scam, but let us now check more in detail, who behind the Cryptohopper is:

Cryptohopper is a fake money stealing scam!

Who Cryptohopper runs:

The first question to clarify is, who the Cryptohopper created and who now maintenance. The website contains an office address in Amsterdam. There is no investment company, even the Tax number is a fake. The supposed business doesn’t offer a phone number, hence you are only able to write text messages. Test messages, send before writing this review, was only answered to nudge to join that crap. More detailed questions was not answered, dodged or allegedly become answered, after depositing money. It’s not hard to see through the fakeness. The company is not transparent, and it is unknown, who this software really runs. We will now check more the details on the website:

Cryptohopper provides inaccurate information:

The texts on the website contain only very vague information about this trader. It tells, how the creator allegedly made money in the past, but no prognoses for the future. All features become lauded, but you don’t know, how much income you have to expect. It is not possible to predict the market prices to one hundred percent and how many signals you have to expect, but you need an appreciated income over long time to decide for a product.

Full Autotraders are very dangerous. Such traders are mostly used by scammers to steal money. Nobody should be offline, while a robot play with his money. It is suspect to provide an automatic bot, but you don’t know even if you can expect to get an income greater than the usage cost. This all doesn’t matter, if you can see in the next paragraphs:

Cryptohopper user experiences:

Cryptohopper has on the website some opinions of allegedly members. We like more to read the mails of our real followers. Daily sending users their experiences, creating a scam review without talking with them is virtually impossible. All Cryptohopper experiences in the inbox was very bad. The different plans are just fake and make absolutely no sense. Why are there plans, if this platform makes a lot money full automatic? After you joined that crap for a free trial, you get access to demo paper trade mode. This screen shows only fabricated results, but after depositing money will your amount steadily decrease, even if you deactivate the autotrading function. Withdraws are not possible. If you made own experiences with Cryptohopper, please write a comment below or contact us. Let’s finally conclude this review:

Offers cheap plan for making thousand of dollar? Bullshit. They just steal your deposit!

Cryptohopper experiences and scam review conclusion:

All Cryptohopper experiences was very bad! Cryptohopper is a scam! But there are great opportunities for earning money from home, please continue reading to learn about the current best ways. If you have any questions, please email to [email protected] or use the simple contact form. We are here to help, it’s better to don’t miss this great chances:

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One Reply to “Cryptohopper experiences and scam review – Fake Bitcoin trader!”

Per Jønson

March 8, 2019 at 12:37 pm

Hej !!
Jeg var (heldig) , , treading , sendte kun ca. $2000 treading gik fint opad , men da jeg ville tage pengene ud ,stod min treading konto pludselig på minus $127 , så ringede et ande treading firma og sagde at Mcoinmarket var lukket ned , så hvis jeg ville have mine penge tilbage , så skulle jeg inverstere $ 700 i , dum og naiv sendte jeg pengene , treader til $2000 , og bums , selskabet lukker for telefon og email kontakt , der står mine penge (måske).
Alt så fint ud i starten , pengene blev indløst af Bank , nogle blev overført til Kraken Bank i USA , alt var falsk , har været i kontakt med både Jubiter og Kraken , men de siger ligesom Danske Bank , dette er ikke vores problem.
Her står jeg i dag $ 2700 fattigere
Nu kommer så næste led i bedrager kæden : Bliver kimet ned af firmaer som vil hjælpe med at få svindlerne straffet og jeg skulle få mine penge tilbage , tro mig de vil trade med mig , ringen er sluttet.
Sidste opringning var fra Isreal , og utallige fra England både fra engelske telefon numre og fra danske telefon numre.
Håber nogen eller noget kan få stoppet disse tyve og røvere , eventuel få tabene tilbage i min lomme igen


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