CryptoPoint experiences and scam review: WASTE OF MONEY!

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Hello, welcome to the CryptoPoint experiences and scam review. When you search for an autotrader for encrypted currencies, you should only choose the best one. CryptoPoint is one of the worst scams available and nobody should use it. It is not a secret that you can earn a lot money trading encrypted currencies, but a lot scammer try to steal your money. Please read this whole review, to learn, why you should definitively avoid this crap. But there are great trading tools, that we will show you at the end. That are the apps, used by the most successful professional trader. Let us first look how the CryptoPoint works.

How works the CryptoPoint?

The first we want to do when we visit the CryptoPoint system is to determine how it works. In the financial industry do we need full transparency. We need to know which algorithms and trading strategies acting in the background and how CryptoPoint decide to trade. A legitimate service tells you all you need to know, there is no need to keep anything private. Please use only absolute honesty and clear autotrading solutions. According to CryptoPoint is it a bot and broker in once that predict the market very accurate, but this is far not enough to believe in it. An autotrader by a Broker is always very dubious. Now we look, who the owner of CryptoPoint is.

CryptoPoint experiences and scam review: Anonymous!

How is behind the CryptoPoint?

A very strong scam indicator, against the CryptoPoint is that it is anonymous drove. The website contains a company name (GPay LD), but not the name of a real person. We have also looked in the certificate and the WHOIS database. That is dangerous, please never invest when you don’t know who the service offers. A legal service will not try to hide the identity of the issuer. The address on this page is in the United Kingdom, so we visited the Companies House, the business index of the U.K. There is really a company with this name, under the operation number 10938332, founded at 2017-08-30. That means, the company is to the time, this review was written, around a half year old. CryptoPoint describe itself as a broker, which need a strict regulation similar to a bank. The finance regulation agency in the U.K. is called Financial Conduct Authority. A search on this network prove it: CryptoPoint is an unregulated, unlicensed broker! A trustworthy broker is a requirement of trading successful, please trust only broker of verified apps. These brokers are precisely selected.

Offers the CryptoPoint good education?

Another point against the CryptoPoint is the bad education, because it is one of the selling points. The education is nothing more than a collection of pasted text of different homepages. All these texts are public for free available. To be honest, you find the whole texts just by googling and learn more than from this scam broker.

Are at least the withdraws right?

We were attended by the user experiences gotten per email. The worst reports was about the withdrawing: It is simple not possible. No matter how good you are and how many trades are profitable, you will your money never see again. This is the most important red flag. Many scam broker works fine until the members try to withdraw, much too late. Please don’t fall for the lies, and follow the experiences of scammed (ex-)members. Let us give this scam review a clear verdict.

CryptoPoint experiences and scam review: Useless crap!

CryptoPoint experiences and scam review conclusion

All CryptoPoint experiences was very bad! In fact, there are many red flags. Many user experiences and a lot negative facts tells all the same story: CryptoPoint is a scam! But if you want to invest your money careful, please continue reading below to learn of the best available software to earn money from home.

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3 Replies to “CryptoPoint experiences and scam review: WASTE OF MONEY!”

Hans Törner

March 29, 2018 at 12:25 pm


Ich kann mich dem Bericht nur anschließen, Verlust: 75 %!!! als ich nach erfolglosem Trading meine letzten Kröten noch zurückholen wollte, war keine Auszahlung möglich. Verlust: 3000€


Artjom Maier

May 30, 2018 at 4:38 pm = reiner Betrug!!! Finger weg!

Es stimmt, die Seite ist eine reine Abzocke. Ich habe 300€ mit der VISA eingezahlt und bevor ich etwas unternommen habe, bin ich auf die Hinweise gestoßen, dass hier betrogen wird. Daraufhin wollte ich mein Geld sofort auszahlen, dies hat jedoch gut 8 Tage gedauert. Zum Schluss wurden mir noch 25€ von 300€ abgezogen als “Withdraw Commission”. Das finde ich ganz schon dreist!!! Also die Finder weg lassen!! Die Seite gehört geschlossen und Betreiber hinter die Gitter!!!


Heinz Leprich

June 22, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Cryptopoint die jetzt XTraderFX heissen sind Betrüger der schlimmsten Sorte

Es handelt sich hierbei um Betrüger und Lügner, du bekommst auf keinen Fall das Geld zurück. 3000 Euro in den Sand gesetzt. Stephan Nilsen Senior Account Manager geht auf keiner deiner Fragen ein. Keiner ist zuständig. Einer der Super Broker, Peter Brown (soll anscheinend der Chef dort sein)hat meine 3000 Euro in einer Nacht verzockt, nachdem er gesagt hat ich solle ihm die Fernwartung öffnen damit er 3 Trades setzten kann, dann zahlt er mir meine eingesetzten 3000 Euros sofort aus. Ich Blödmann hab ihm zugestimmt, nachdem ich 3 Wochen lang versucht habe mein Geld wieder zu bekommen. Lasst ja die Finger davon. Die haben keine Ahnung vom Traden und sind Stümper, Lügner und schwerste Betrüger. Ich hoffe Sie bekommen ihre gerechte Strafe.


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