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The new Blazing Trader scam by Johan Strand try to bait with all possible tactics. Like seen at so many fraud services before it looks like a great offer, but if we look deeper we see how this strange binary option autotrading robot try to bait investors. Read this review now to expose all the nasty lies and to learn how to avoid this and other fraudsters in the future.

Direct after visiting the website of the Blazing Trader scam do you see the first indicators that there goes something wrong. It claims to earn $440.000 each money. Such unrealistic promises show the true face of the software creators. Legit autotrader use valid money management strategies. These make a such high income impossible, but take care of your bucks. You will never see a legitimate application promising to become a millionaire after one year trading. This is impossible, and such a dump idea will cause in losing the whole deposit.

Blazing Trader is only a scam

The Blazing Trader scam is the first fishy service where the free spot countdown count upwards. This homepage is full of all these fake widgets. The overview of winning trades is only a bad joke. A typical broker payout are 81 or 82 %. All the numbers in this strange table ends with zeros. This sums will you get only in few cases. And the amounts are much too high. The Blazing Trader scam to tell, you can get 100 % or even more output. This is simple bs! For classic binary options is a good income 85 % of your investment sum. The pictures of supposed members are only stock photos. An often seen lie is that withdraw processes of the associated brokers works without any delay. According to the laws, no broker ever can you offer immediate transfer of your earnings. The cash have to pass many checks before you get it.

Read more about the ridiculous Blazing Trader scam

The promotion video of the Blazing Trader scam start with the typical crap. As mentioned before won’t you get your bucks tomorrow, if you start today withdraw. This is impossible. Binary options are a great way to make money online. But you will not get $20.000 each day. Forget such unrealistic promises. Trustworthy legit autotrading applications makes up to $1.000 each trading day. Very good softwares use risk- and money management strategies.

The scam actor use typical brain washing technique to nudge you to join this bogus trading platform. With all these stock images try he to image how great it’s to be rich. If you choose the right money making tools will you get a higher income than the average working guy, but you will definitively not become a millionaire after trading only three months. Anybody who think this is a fool and should read this review to see how to make really money.

That what the Blazing Trader scam call a proof is only a fake interface image of Alice Springer. Refuting this trash picture is easy. The address of the connected broker is trading.autotrade.com. But behind this domain is no broker, it is simple parked. That means anybody has rent the domain to reserve them and sell it for much money.

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Johan Strand say “I have nothing to sell”. Scams already used these magic words uncountable times. That’s why this became already an important indicator of fraud systems. The same with the sensitive information. The presenting in a YouTube video embed in a public website and say you should not share. Scammer like such gags.

He tells, he has worked in the National Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. In Zurich is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich), while the National Institutes of Technology is a group of engineering institutes in India. The image that these dump losers show is the Harvard university, which each body should know at least from television. Its logical that these fake professor is a self-made millionaire, and has worked with Princeton, large transnational corporations and the NASA. And it is more logical that nobody has heard before about this guy. May the details change, but the scammer use the same story over and over again.

The Blazing Trader scam conclusion

Analyze the Blazing Trader means being between launching and crying. It is funny what they talk for a crap but it is sad that anybody can fall for it. The Boolean minimizer is an interesting idea. It makes really sense, that optimizing Boolean operations, the fastest operation a computer can execute, makes $20.000 each day.

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