The Dubai Lifestyle App is a scam! Read now this full review!

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Den Dubai livsstil app by Scott Hathaway is a big scam! There are already a lot scammer out there which promote the fraud system per eMail and other methods. Make sure that you don’t join at the Dubai Lifestyle app, before you have read this full testimonial!

The idiotically story of the Dubai Lifestyle app scam!

Reportedly has Scott Hathaway leaved Iowa with only $500 and the dream to create the world leading auto-trading app. He is smart enough to develop a working solution to make money on autopilot but travel in another land with less money to life a single month? Good, this is no proof and could may happened. He met investors in the Burj al arab, this is a five-star-hotel in Dubai, but still more luxurious than each other. Even the smallest guestrooms have at least two floors. This is why it is sometimes called as seven-star-hotel. Anybody who was in Dubai should know that in the reality don’t exist a hotel with more than five stars, because it is simple the maximum. And this is the start of the really big lies.

Who is Scott Hathaway?

The agenda of the supposed author is one of the most important facts. Great guys developed very good softwares, but a lot scammer tell fictional stories and use dump actors to cheat investors. Trusting a service is impossible, if nobody knows who has created the application. The Dubai Lifestyle scam is very lazy and shows only a picture as the founder of the Dubai Lifestyle app. It was easy to figure out that this is a so-called stock image. These are photos taken by anybody. Agencies sell they for less money or offer they for free. There a thousand websites online which use these image. It seems the source of the image is Adobes own image agency Fotolia.

Scott Hathaway is only a stock photo!

Dubai Lifestyles 100 beta tester after personal invitation?

The idea of a personal invitation is not new. has already reviewed a lot scams, like the Centument Project 2.0. In the reality is this binary option autotrader like each scam before visitable by anybody. At the end of this test review do you find an always working link to the homepage of the Dubai Lifestyle app. Please note, that this hyperlink should help each to verify the scam tactics and make sure you stay safe. Don’t think about register at this crap offer, it will blow your deposit away!

The 100 beta testers are only a joke. The Dubai Lifestyle get current advertised by fraudsters with all possible methods. Already thousands of people was helped to avoid the app, because it is simple bs. There are such mass of traders searching for the best legit autotrading programs, that 100 investors was found within hours. We will later come back to the legit softwares, first it is important to understand why the Dubai Lifestyle App is dangerous! Fake limited spots are a common scam tactic.

Use the Dubai Lifestyle scam actors?

Now we know that Scott Hathaway did never exist. Fiverr actors are something that never become go out of vogue. is a platform, where amateur performer sell their service. The most used offer are scam actors. This is one of the common ways to detect fraud platforms. Fake actors showing only that there are no tests of real members. If you see a Fiverr actor or actress, you can be sure that there goes all wrong. Hence, it is no miracle that we saw the strange user in scams like the Opus formel, the funny NinjaProfits and other dubious services. Find such an evidence is a good step to expose all scam tactics of the Dubai Lifestyle app and similar.

The scam actors of the Dubai Lifestyle app

A retrospection to Traders Revenge!

Handlende hævn was a scam, almost a half year ago. We like to reference to this bad service, because it brought a new generation of fraud services. The Dubai Lifestyle scam claims, like most strange trading platforms before, to be the only working autotrading program. There are already tested and verified legit groundbreaking autotrading applications listened, that only one software works is a big lie! Like mentioned before, we will come back to this.

More than unrealistic income guarantee!

Supposed have the Dubai Lifestyle scam after 6 months of development increased the bank account of 319 Dubai residents by over 2 million US-dollar. Such unrealistic promises are typical for bogus softwares. You cannot become a millionaire after only one and a half year trading binary options. No software ever can predict the market movement by hundred percent, which means to make money, you need to spend money.

Legit autotrading applications using long time tested well working money management strategies, which makes sure your money will increment step by step. This require to trade only small amount. The average profit of the current best performing legit software is around $1.200 each trading day, because the DubaiLifestyle scam aim for cheating investors while the legitimate autotraders want to earn money.

Zen Trader is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

A typical lie is fast deposit of your money. You will never receive withdrawed money of your broker within 3 days. There are a lot laws to make sure that you get the money legally and don’t try to wash money, et cetra. Before you receive your cash, it has to pass a lot checks. That is why you should withdraw less but steadly, to generate a strong money flow. What the Dubai Lifestyle don’t tell is, that you have, basing at your place of resident, pay taxes to your goverment. At most places of the earth is to receive such sums of money without paying taxes a crime!

Dubai Lifestyle scam conclusion

The Dubai Lifestyle app is really a cheap offer and became only viral, because fraudsters try to nudge trader to join, which is already a contradiction to the limitation of 100 beta testers. Beside of all these fishy statements miss the Dubai Lifestyle software the major part: transparency. They don’t tell how the Dubai Lifestyle app works. Watching all the scam tactics, described above, shows that the offer is definitively not unique.

In fact do these scammers have no idea what the talk about. What should mean “This app is 100 % digital”? That sentence makes absolutely no sense. The domain of the website of the Dubai Lifestyle app was initial created at 2016-07-11 and there are still places available, so never trust them. In the video are only stock images and it repeats over and over the same crap: Join now. The setting is simple ridiculous and the verdict clear: The Dubai Lifestyle app is a scam!

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5 Svar til"The Dubai Lifestyle App is a scam! Read now this full review!


January 31, 2017 at 2:13 pm

Too late for me, I have lost 500 $ with the Dubai Lifestyle. 🙁



June 22, 2017 at 4:20 pm

hallo ,ich habe vor 10 Tagen ebenfalls 250 Euro überwiesen und schade das ich diese Seite nicht früher gefunden habe.Ich kann zwar jeden Tag mein Konto bei Dubai App einsehen und habe in einer Woche gerade mal 6 Euro mehr drauf. Ja was kann ich jetzt tun.


Eva B.

June 29, 2017 at 4:47 pm

keep away from this scam!!!

i am a binary option beginner and joined the dubai lifestyle app. this is definitely a very big scam!!! the first trading session has nearly emptied my account. i have tried to contact the support, but nobody has responded. i became betrayed by this scammers, but i learned and will now focus at the really legitimate apps. please keep attention!!!



July 11, 2017 at 11:34 am

Por sus comentarios no caí en esta estafa muchass gracias amigos.


Detlev Scholz

January 27, 2018 at 3:49 pm

Opsummer din mening, eller fremhæve en interessant detalje

Habe im Juni 2016 750 Euro eingezahlt. Mein Konto ist bis zu Juni 2017 auf 2062 angewachsen Dann wollte ich 1000 Euro abheben. Dieses musste ich zig mal anfordern. Das Geld wurde nie ausgezahlt. 2 Tage später war mein Konto plötzlich auf null und im Minus. Man schrieb mir Börsenchrasch und Pech gehabt. Seit dem meldet sich niemand mehr bei mir.
Das war mir eine Lehre. DubaiLifestyle ist eine reine Gaunerbande, Abzocke total. Hände weg!!
Spielt lieber LOTTO da habt ihr wenigstens eine Chance, aber nicht beim Handeln mit DubaiLifestyle!!!!!!!!


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