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Fencing is a good and simple way to safe your investment. You will get up to 90 % of your investment back. Really good trader are able to double her wins. Beginners are often to precipitate to use them in the right way. That is why you should train this strategy in a SpotOption demo before you use them in a real money broker account. You should know how to use them if you follow somebody signals.

Safe your investment

We will starting first with the way to safe your investment against bigger losts. Assuming you’ve placed a PUT trade but a resistance broke later. Legit autotrader have an average winning rate up to 85 %. That means a support or resistance can break in each trade. Follow the manual signals or the autotrading mode of legit funnels and you will get a possible lost back fast.


If the price moves unexpected you can simple place a CALL trade. In the best case the price is below the PUT price when you place the CALL. Now do you in each case at least win one and lose the other trade. A regularly binary option trade give a payback of around 85 %. That is why you only lose 15 instead of 100 %.


There are 3 possible exits:
1) The trade ends in the CALL area: You win the CALL- and lose the PUT-Trade.
2) The trade ends in the PUT area: You win the PUT- and lose the CALL-Trade.
3) The trade end between both areas: You lose both trades.

The best case is you place a CALL trade below a PUT trade since you win every time minimal 1 trade.


If the CALL trade is below the PUT trade you can use that do double your wins, if the price ends between the CALL and the PUT trade. But please don’t trade this as beginner because it’s not easy. Use fencing more too safe your investment.

Please note that it’s no matter if you place the CALL- or the PUT trade first.

Don’t forget, that you need training to reach the best entry points for your trade. The platform developer SpotOption is recommend for training at the Forex markets.

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