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The Quantum Code is typical scam

The Quantum Code by the scam artist called Michael Crawford is a new auto trading service who tries to bait you with old well known scam tactics. That promotion video is really 1 hour long! But the last half of this video is simple a black screen. The first fact of this strange autotrading robot is the new unrealistic income sum of $1.892.460 each month. It will never be possible to earn this crazy sum trading binary options alone. But there are other ways to make money using the money you get by binary option trading. If you are already member of the Quantum Code, please take a minute of your time and write a user review below to share your experiences. Don’t forget to join the newsletter to the right to get the next information as soon as possible.

Michael Crawford from Quantum Code is a big liar!

Michael Crawford called himself millionær, philanthropist og Wall Street Wizard. This wizard should conjure a better Story, earn-money.today found nowhere (especially at the homepage of the finance magazine Forbes) any information about this guy. But the Quantum Code funnel will conjure your deposit away. The only Michael Crawford is an English musical actor. They have named her scam product about Quantum speed. You should know that quantum jumps are in real the smallest possible movement.

Another myth that tells many scams is that this unique system will never lose a trade. Most of them tell you that you will win each trade if you are fast enough. That is simple a lie! The markets moving sometimes purely atypical. A very good autotrader reach performance with technical indicators between 85 and 95 % over time. Sometimes they will win more, sometimes less. Never believe that any trader or software can win each trade. 98 % or 99 % winning rate are unrealistic too. If the Quantum Code place one trade which just win, the winning rate will be really 100 %. But you are not able to make profit with such a kind of funnel.

The Quantum Code brings scam-typical unrealistic promises

The reason why nobody heard before about the Quantum speed technology is this is no real trading mark. Sergey, the scam actor who plays the developer of Quantum Code, say that the trades get winning because the software is very fast. Don’t forget, that the light moving only 3 dm/ns (186 miles/ms). That is the hard limit of all data transfers. Nobody can bet that currently basing at our physical rules. The video contains a lot of stock images and fake broker/bank accounts. Such a scam image gets created in less than 1 minute. To prove that I have created a simple fake image of a broker with a deposit of $123.456.789. Don’t forget, nobody would let such much money in the hand of a broker or a bank.

Fake image like them from Quantum Code scam!

Humans don’t react every time the same way to the same type of events. earn-money.today saw already that the market price fall strong after very positive news. It is possible to predict the price movement with a great successful rate about 85 %. But never ever will any system worldwide be able to have a successful rate of 100 % over time. The scam actor Sergey shows again a fake image like them previous. This image showing withdraws each time about $100.000. Quantum Code is one of the exaggerating scam earn-money.today has ever seen.

Another scam tactics at the homepage of Quantum Code

There are not many things at the homepage of this funnel. Only the video and two other lies, called widgets by Quantum Code. earn-money.today has carefully reviewed both and find out what happened. First let check the VIP spots counter. This one doesn’t show real spots. This counter starts each time, when you reload the homepage, at 20 again.

After a random timeout between 6000-9000 milliseconds, and one time while the homepage load they will decrements the number by 1-3 if more than five spots are available. If less or equals five spots are available the number of free spots get decrements or increments by 0-2. It’s strange that the free spots increment randomly. If the result is smaller than 2, the result is always 1. The visitor counter of Quantum Code goes the same scam-typical way. Starting with a random count between 101 and 110 it decrements this count similar.

Making money online is easy with a legit autotrader!

Quantum Codes scam conclusion

At Quantum Code do you find all the indicators of scams. Unrealistic promises, the scam actors Michael Crawford and Sergey Ivanov and the fake spot counter. All those “never-lose-Softwares” are only a scam, and so is the Quantum Code a scam!

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5 Svar til"Quantum kode – En ny fidus i gamle forklædning! Fuld anmeldelse!”

Teresa F.

October 7, 2016 at 5:59 am

thank you for reviewing. i’d join quantum code but i will test codefibo instead



October 14, 2016 at 7:40 am

I am follow the trend and joining a binary option autotrader, but for sure not Quantum Code. I testing Binabot, it looks like the best. Thank you.


Manuel Alfons

October 29, 2016 at 2:06 pm

Thank you soo much. The weekly income of SnapCash is incredible, it was the best choice of my life!!


Tao T.

June 28, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Attention! It is a big scam.

Damn that I didn’t found this homepage earlier, I lost all my money with the Quantum Code scam. The material on this page proves definitively that you will not become a millionaire with this app. I’m glad that this blog write real testimonials of both scams and legitimate apps to warn and help investors.



Miroslav T.

July 1, 2017 at 7:05 pm

Failed scam

I am successful with the MS Management Software and would try the Quantum Code. I badly didn’t found this review before. I thought a software cannot be bad, but it was badthe Quantum Code lost all my investment in less hours. It was only $250, I earn this sum with MS easily each day. But that I got scammed make me still angry.


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