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Onassis (onassisalliance.co):

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The Onassis autotrader by Jed Onassis is a new scam and brings again crazy arguments to nudge investors and take all of their money. It promises at least $7.500 each day, every day. Read now this review to the end to expose all the scam tactics to stay safe and learn about available alternatives!

Let’s analyze Onassis!

Presented by Jed Onassis looks the Onassis autotrading service like a good offer. But a closer look shows that there go all wrong. Jed Onassis tells he is a self-made millionaire. This raise the typical questions: How can anybody become a millionaire, while nobody has heard about before. Frauds like this shows such called millionaires that nobody seen before. Forget such actors, that is only a pure crap. It is not an obviously like at the big scams Quantum Code und dessen Kopie Orion Code, but a small lie is a lie too.

Onassis is only a scam!

Is Onassis really available everywhere in the world? For sure, it isn’t! We know, in the United States of America is binary options trading only a short time at CFTC-regulated brokers allowed. On the other hands has the Financial Services and Markets Authority in Belgium forbit to invest at any binary option- and CDF broker. Residents can theoretical join not regulated trading platforms, but will break the laws. The idea, that Onassis is available, for example, at North Korea is only a funny joke. Hence, the autotrading app is definitive not available everywhere in the world!

Profits Eternity is one big Scam or Trusted?

The Onassis scam claims to have a winning rate of 97.4 % with an advanced set of computer algorithm. This is only wishfulness thinking, a typical working software reach a rate of 90 %. This predict of the market movement over time is simple unrealistic. But this is not the core issue. Very interesting is the fail safe algorithm. It is the same strange story like at the Zeus 2 scam, earn-money.today reported before. The idea is to place another trade in the opposite direction, when a trade goes wrong. This strategy exists really and is called Fechten. But you will not safe all of your investment. The typical payout of a classic option is 85 %, which means you will lose 15 %. The clue is that for effective fencing must the price be in the winning area of the primary trade, else you risk losing both trades. A binary option autotrading robot that use a fencing strategy is danger.

More facts to stay safe against Onassis!

Additional, to place a classic option is mostly only possible in the last 15 minutes before they expire. A way to bypass this problem is to use short term options. But they don’t use fixed expire times, hence you can only place fence trades exactly 30 or 60 seconds before the main-trade expire. The fail safe strategy of the Onassis scam cannot working.

Jed Onassis promise $7.500 each day. Most markets are daily from 21 o’clock UTC to 22 o’clock and at weekend closed. There are real assets which a user can trade at weekend. But these are high risk symbols. No legit application ever will offer trades at the end of the week, such software will only blow your deposit away.

It is a special service, that Jed Onassis will offer permanent personal support for trades and others. That sounds great. Trusting is the most important factor to let somebody helps you with your investment. At the whole Onassis scam homepage do you not find an imprint or any contact data about him. Nobody knows anything about this supposed millionaire.

Onassis scam conclusion:

There are small points that don’t direct indicate scam programs, but together with the previous told facts show it more and more how Onassis tries to cheat investors. One thing is, that the scam actor tells he will prove the system in the video. Such a promotion video will never be a real proof, which makes trusting more important. A proof in this video is like the movie “Independence Day” as proof for the exist of extraterrestrial intelligence. The actor Jed Onassis repeats always the same words: They have lied you! We are not sure who “They” are. It seems like it want to use the footsteps of other scams, for example Traders Revenge. Beside the brain-washing stock video clips are the limited spots a part of most scam services, but it shows no fake countdown and similar. Each of this means nothing. Together with the unrealistic promises and dump storyboard shows it the full image and make a clear verdict easy: Onassis is only a scam!

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