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Hello, welcome to the experiences and scam review. It looks like a great trading opportunity, but is in real just an investment pool. In such a pool, you pay your money together with other investors in a pool, profits are made in some way and get paid out. Another word for a pool is in the financial industry fonds, by french pot. You have to be very careful selecting an online fonds, there are endless scams. This is primary, since it is very easy to build. You just need nothing more than a simple homepage, a way to receive money and other scammers, needed to send new users to the homepage. If you are thinking about investing in, please read before this review:

Who runs

It is, like any service, important to know who behind this offer is, because we should transfer money to them. The first thing to do is searching for a persons name, because this would be much more trustworthy than just a company name. This website contains a contact form similar to ours and a supposed live chat, but this is operated by an external service. There are also 5 very small videos hidden, in that with no doubt only a scam actor appears. Otherwise, there is neither a picture nor a name of an actually existing person. But there is at least one company name: is a pure scam!

DER GLOBAL LIMITED, the company of, is actually registered under number 11598683 in the United Kingdom. The registration date is 2018-10-01. According to, the service is already since 2017-11 online. Many scammer register their companies in U.K., because the Companieshouse, England’s company registry, does not provide any information about the owner. Their tax authority additionally may identify and mark registered companies as scammers, but does nothing against. Let us now look, how works:

How works:

That is completely unclear. claims to be operated by a team of specialists in the trading industry. The homepage does not contain a single clue about, how it works. Not even in the FAQ is a single sentence, what supposedly made with the money here. There are several investment plans available, from 650 to 6500% after 25 days to 3 months. Traders know, profit depends on the percentage of investment. If you invest the amount twice, the payout also doubles. Such programs are called high-yield investment programs, HYIP. Improving the capital by 650 % with actionable cash management strategy after around a month is pure illusion. Of course, money can be earned with trading, but the claims from are absolute crap. This happened in many exposed scams, so may belongs to a group of such software, all created by the same people. With the help of a lot member experiences could we clarify the real function:

DER Global limited is an anonymous company! user experiences:

In all scam reviews is important to talk to past members. Dozens of traders email us every day their experiences about good and bad software. If you already used, please write a comment below, send it directly to [email protected] or use the simple contact form. All experiences we got were unfortunately very bad. It is the usual ponzi scheme. Initially small deposits become paid as expected but later high contributions become stolen. Payments are covered by the deposits of new members, there get never money earned. The operator uses this money and is the only one that won, after the system collapses, as soon as no new users joining. The most dangerous about a ponzi scheme is, that it can only get recognized as soon as you have access to some experiences. It is no wonder, focus on the almost non-traceable encrypted currencies. Let’s finish this review now: experiences and scam review conclusion:

All experiences were very bad! is a scam! Please read below, to learn more about the best ways, to earn money from home:

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March 10, 2019 at 11:09 am

Der global is a scam company,

Der global is a scam company, my expérience is that they don’t pay you more than 150 $ even if you have more than 1000000 $ on your account balance. they don’t answer you and finaly after four withdrawals of 50 to 150$ they stop paying you.
They ask you to send them your Bank account number and they write on your withdrawal history that they send Money to this account but it’s wrong
I never received any $ from them on my bank account


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