Domain Name: Tips to choose your personal one!

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Domain name tips:

Welcome to this article, you will here learn, how to choose your personal domain name for affiliate marketing. A domain contains miscellaneous entries, especially the target to find the internet route to your website. The domain name is split into parts by dots, each part extends the next one, the last part is called the “Top Level Domain” (TLD). Prerequisite is a done decide for your targeting industry branch (see → FlexOffers – Decide for a product niche and join your affiliate platform).

This choice is very important for your success. Your domain name should be similar to your website name. The more you like your own web offer, the more motivated do you work on it. Your customers will, on the other side, surf more on pages they like and remember.

Renting domains is very cheap (most cost $1 to $2 per month), you might change it. You should try to find your domain name soon, since a later change could confuse your visitors and damage your SEO rank over time. When you need help, just email to [email protected] or use the simple contact form. We will support you in finding the right one.

What means “www” in the domain name?

Short answer: “” and “” are total different domain names, but points in usual configuration to the same target. As said above, the domain names are ascending ordered names. Each one may contain different Records, the most important type of them is the so-called A Resource Record (“A Record” or just “A”) or newer AAAA Resource Record (“Quad-A Record”). This entry contains the main IP address, covered by this DNS domain. The other mostly used record is MX (Mail Exchange Resource Record), which contains the IP of a mail server, if it is different to the A/AAAA record. It doesn’t matter, if your website is official called with or without “www”. This is a personal choice, but make sure, the unused one redirect to the main domain name. Publishing a single website under different domain names has only disadvantages.

Tips to find your optimal domain name:

You need to test the domain name of your choice for availability. This is done by a very common tool, it is offered by each domain selling service. We have created such a tool for you: Domain Check.

Deal with the niche jargon:

You should be familiar with terms used in the industry of your choice. A good research tool is Google Suggest. This is the function, showing suggestions below the Google search fields. Many websites provide such a Tool. Look first at the so-called WWWWH Questions: Who, Why, What, When and How. Don’t forget “Where”. The suggestions are additional hints for customers interests.

The domain name should include the business of your choice. It makes the topic of your web offer clear, and makes people think about you in the niche. This will improve your SEO rank and visitor experiences.

Advert using your name:

It needs a lot of courage, but it is a usual way to create successful web offers. When you write articles and other things, telling customers how to use something and what to attend, you will gain trust. Using your name creates a stronger bind to your follower. For example, if you sell construction hardware and a follower ask you for a good drill in the price segment, he wants to pay, then it is optimal to recommend the best tool for him and send him a ref link. He can direct order, the customer is happy about his new good drill and you are happy, since you get your commission. See, for example, the domain name “” or “”. In the last seems to be “Hardware-James” good nickname. It is your decision, but would be a big advantage.

Decide for the optimal TLD:

The TLD (the last part of your domain) depends on your regional audience. If your homepage will target German users, the properly best would be a “*.de” domain, since in Germany lives the greatest amount of German native speakers. Many beginners try to call a homepage like. <searchterm>.<tld>. Com means commercial, but became with the time the default TLD for English websites. Many country TLDs need to get registered on an address in this country. So an Austrian or Swiss user would choose an “*.at” or “*.ch”, respectively. This is not limited to countries, for example, the Top Level Domain “*.law” is only allowed for lawyers. Current exist a lot other TLDs that could be a good choice, for example “*.wiki”, if you use a Wikiwiki system or “*.today” to form a statement that keep better in mind.

Tip by Ark: While your business grow, think about renting similar domain names like other TLDs and typos. So scammer cannot get them first and bring pages up to steal your traffic or phish your customers in the worst case.

Balance between size and interest of your audience:

Trends changing over time, so it is not a good idea to focus on too specific keywords. In the construction hardware from above, it is not good to advert only hammers. The interest in hammers is something higher, something lower. Something more people are interested in driller. A broad offer target more potential customers, but a specialized offer target more interested people.

See the domain name as an investition:

The domain name is your may first purchase of you as part of a company. Since each domain exists only one times, a good domain name is very much worth.

Don’t violate the rights of a third party:

You must not use protected terms like trademarks without permission. If you target only products of the company “Hilti”, a website names “” is a very bad idea. Just as example, targeting only “Hilti” products is probable too specific to start.

Use only Latin characters:

Your domain name should only include Latin letters. Digits or any in the meantime allowed special character looks ugly, is mostly hard to remember and usual unneeded. Characters in other codepages than ASCII are not universal, and on many computers in other language configurations even for native speakers hard to write.

Domain name choose conclusion:

Don’t forget, that we help you on each step for setting up your homepage. Just find a good domain that you love!

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