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Hello, welcome to the experiences and scam review. The website takes investments in Bitcoin and promises to pay all Bitcoin after 24 hours twice as much back. This is of course hard to believe, such a system is absolute unrealistic. Would anyone believe, a service will pay $20 tomorrow, if I deposit $10 today, without any work on my side? Please read this full review before paying even a single Satoshi to find out, what garbage you would support with your money, and why you would be guilty of an offence: experiences and scam review: How it works:

The special thing of the fraud, it makes no secret about how it works. The frequently asked questions tells the crime already, the money for all payouts comes only from new investments, hence does not earn a single penny. Such a system is called ponzi scheme and is illegal! Who pays for the doubled Bitcoin of the new investments, where your money comes from? New investments again. And what will happen, if all have invested and nobody pay new money? The system collapses and causes huge financial damage.

In DoubleBitcoin you do not have to sign contracts. There are no creditors and no debtors. In fact, everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — the other helps. All profits are provided by new investments.


The only one who wins in long term is the owner, he can freely use the investments. pay allegedly the half of invested Bitcoins to affiliate marketers, hence each investment must be the double amount of the previous. There is additional a juridical aspect: since it is obvious that it is an illegal ponzi scheme, you make yourself with your payment to a subject to legal proceedings! For such a crime are several years in prison not uncommon. Next, let’s see, who we have to thank for this crap: is a illegal ponzi scheme!

Who is responsible for

The website contains several ways to contact. There are two eMail addresses, allegedly answered by a call center. That is very dubious. will be a total free service, how will they pay the center? There is additional a ticket system, but it is nearly unusable, cause the bad design. The domain was bought from a company, hiding their personal information. A WHOIS request proof this. It shows, by the way, the domain registration date 2018-08-23, the copyright note “2016 – 2018” looks strange. has a cheap dump design!

On the whole homepage else is no little piece of information about the operator of this dubious service. An anonymous platform is always a strong indicator, that something is going wrong. For a legitimate application is no reason for hiding the own identity. tries to look like a big company with a huge call center, but anonymous services are usually operated by single individuals or small groups. Companies build their systems under own name for marketing and trust reasons. Let us now look at the user experiences: user experiences:

It is important to talk to past users, before writing a scam review, as experiences may very different. Members send their experiences to dozens of online applications daily. Please write a comment below this review, if you already have experience with The experiences of were very mixed. It is conspicuous, users who invested just small amounts of Bitcoins did not have any problems, but larger amounts meant that no payouts will be received. Also, this is the usual tactic of ponzi schemes. The first time, investors pay minimal contributions to test it. Most invest high contributions after first successful payout and will become cheated. It is obvious that is fraud, we will now conclude the review: experiences and scam review conclusion:

All experiences were very bad. is scam! Such illegal systems are also very dangerous for lawful reasons. Fortunately, there are also enough serious and reliable ways to make money online. Please read below to figure out more about the best ones:

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