Dream Catcher is a ridiculous scam service. Read now this review!

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Dream Catcher by Matthew Warner is a new scam try to get all your money. After having a lot experiences with fraud services similar to the Dream Catcher, it was an easy to suss all of their scam tactics. We will first expose all of the lies and later try to join a legitimate software to start making money online!

The homepage of the Dream catcher scam contains the same result output as the Instant Cash Club, exposed before. Like previous show this only random trades. The creators of this scam are not smart and let it generate trades at Sunday. The previous fraud autotrading app show it only won trades and short term options. We know already, that  short term (60-second) options. To predict them is for human very hard, and no legit autotrading robot will ever trade them.

Dream Catcher is a scam!

How does Dream Catcher works? That is every time the most important question. The Dream Catcher scam claims to win absolute each trade. First, the interface he shows is only a bad copy of the best legit autotraders. But the important fact is that these dump scammers copied the risk selection. A Software which never lose a trade with a risk selection? Another lie of the Dream Catcher scam exposed! There will never be a binary option autotrader application that win each trade, even no human can win each trade. Predict market movements with such a high accuration is not possible. The best available softwares reach winning rates around 90 %. But this scam get more funnily. A key feature of this fraudster is called Rapid Counter Measures. Matthew Warner tells, that this system predict the market by 99.999 %. No question, this is impossible. But the Rapid Counter Measures will place a second trade in the opposite direction if the market moves in the wrong direction. This strategy is calling fencing. It protects the major part of your money, but you will definitely lose some. That brings us to the next scam tactic. Matthew Warner say, he makes only money if you make money. This lie is many times used by brokers too. But in real makes brokers and scammer both money if you lose, too. Additional, he tells steadily “only download the software and activate the autotrader”. But at the image do you see that he is connected to a broker. How do you make money without a broker connection? And how will he make money?

The Dream Catcher scam get each second more ridiculous!

That banners of trustedverified.com are another dump lie of the Dream Catcher scam. The date at the images is the 2016-08-31, while a quick domain WHOIS lookup shows, that the domain was register at 2016-09-29. The logos of the big companies are funny. The Dream Catcher scam wants to lock like a legit offer. But do anybody really think that companies like IBM, Coca Cola, Twitter or Google trading binary options? That is nothing more than a joke.

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Such scammer use often the tactic to promise money if you continue watching the video. But you will get not any cent tomorrow, they want only that you deposit all your money at the brokers of the Dream Catcher scam. Furthermore, you get tomorrow no money if you join today, because a wire transfer is not fast enough. In a promotion video are time-based statements like “yesterday” always strange. The video was first uploaded at 2016-10-02. That makes the sequence, that it is the last day to allow new members to simple nonsense. He repeats this crap over and over again. More time he promises it, more unbelievable become it. As side note, something like the Omega Decision does not exist. In your life, you will be never free of decisions, no matter how much money you own or what you do. This is another strange brain washing technique by the Dream Catcher scam. It is the same to say you should anything image while showing stock photos. It is only a trick to make your brain think, you can get really rich with the Dream Catch scam.

If you hear about a mega millionaire which own 27 million dollars, it should not be hard to find the full information. A search about the name of Matthew Warner and Alexandro Mendez bring no results. But a search is not needed, the image he shows about this Alexandro Mendez is Eike Fuhrken Batista, one of the richest guys of the world. That is such a funny ridiculous bs, he could even show an image of Bill Gates. You can earn a lot of money with binary options, if you choose the right tool. But with the Dream Catcher you won’t. We will later come back to the right apps for making money online. An important fact is, that you never become a millionaire after trading binary options for only one year. Right money management strategies are the bases of each successful trader. Regular Forex trading make much fewer profit than binary options. With binary options do you make $1.000 each trading day, but in the Forex market is it a good year if you incremented your base investment by ten percent. The story of the Dream Catcher scam make absolutely no sense. Let take a view at the 15 unique free spots. That is a most seen scam tactics. Scams like the Dream Catcher are online over months but let you think there are only few spots available. We have already exposed the fact that the video is online since more than one week.

Dream Catcher scam conclusion

It is hard to describe the inconsistent and ridiculous scam tactics. There is only one verdict possible: Avoid Dream Catcher, it is definitively a scam!

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Charles Works

October 13, 2016 at 6:13 pm

the dream catcher trading platform looks legit but now I see they only aim for the cash
thank you for the tip, i will check out code fibo


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