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This Dubai Lifestyle scam review will you show how this fishy binary option service try to get all your cash. The Dubai Lifestyle app by Scott Hathaway waits at the URL to cheat you out of money. Make sure not to join this fraud system before you have read this full review. We find out to make most money as possible.

One of most popular scam tactic are total unrealistic incoming promises. The Dubai Lifestyle scam will give you exactly $7.183,80 each day. That are $35.915 per week, on average $143.660 per month and 1.723.920 each year. You will not become a millionaire, after trading only one year binary options. We all want make money with binary options, but the best legit tools earn an income up to $5.000. This is already very much. We will figure out how to make this money, but first we will expose the Dubai Lifestyle autotrader bot to safe investors’ money. Continue reading this review to learn all you need to reach your financial freedom.

Typical scam tactics are fake spot- and time countdown. Don’t hurry up! These strange animation are only a bad try to seed panic. The free spots are only random numbers and the time countdown start each times at 11:06, if you reload the homepage.

The homepage of the Dubai Lifestyle application contains typical fake testimonials. It first review, by Lincoln Tremlin, was supposed send on 2016-04-10. After send a request at the domain name system server, it is clear that they are only faked. The scam websites domain,, was created at 2016-07-06, a long time after the supposed member Lincoln Tremlin, Liam Nelson, Mark Jones, Lawrence Wallace, Frederick Lam, Mohammed Singh, Dan Nottingham, Charles Missoni, Cameron Met and Andrey Ricovski wrote their statements. Nobody of this user wrote this text before the webpage was reachable. The text segments “Verified Member” make no sense, because the scam author wrote the texts static at the homepage.

The Dubai Lifestyle scam use only fraud tactics!

The promotion video of the Dubai Lifestyle scam start directly with a lie. You don’t need a personal invitation to watch the homepage. The Dubai Lifestyle scam application is definitively not the first auto trading system. We have already listed legit services which not only earn money at autopilot, but support signals for manual trading to make even more cash. The Dubai Lifestyle app robot try to act like a service for scammed people. We know this already from other fraud services like Traders Revenge and PRIZM technology. We disclosed already the scam tactics of these fraud services. is a homepage where much amateur actors and actress sell her service. Actors are not the only offer, but many scams rent them to create fake videos. The first scam actor is already seen at the other fraud binary option service Opus Formula. This guy is no beta tester of the Dubai Lifestyle, he made only few bucks while the creators of this fishy autotrading app scam investors for thousands of dollar.

Dubai Lifestyle use scam actors!

The video is like all the other scam videos. The main actor call himself Scott Hathaway, and is the CEO of the Dubai Lifestyle app. This statement is followed by stock photos. Stock photos are photos taken by everywhere. It is boring to see day for day the same straight crap scamming poor trader. You will only see images of Scott Hathaway. If anybody with this name really exist, he doesn’t dare to show his face in the video. But we keep you in suspense anymore. The image of Scott Hathaway was stolen at the homepage of P2Binvestor, while the image of the team meeting was taken at Fotolia, Adobes Photo website.

If you move your cursor out of the viewport of your browser, the Dubai Lifestyle scam website try to stop you with a modal dialog. We know this fraud tactic already for a long time. Like previous mentored are $35.915 per week a total unrealistic sum. Continue reading to learn how to make with the most advanced legit softwares up to $5.000 per week, but this is already very much and the current limit.

Dubai Lifestyle review conclusion:

This bogus binary option autotrading app is full of confusing brain washing scam tactics!  The Dubai Lifestyle scam tries again to bait investors with simple unrealistic promises, fake actors and stock photos. It is not to ignore, there are many parallels to past fraud service. Hence, there is only clear verdict possible: Dubai Lifestyle is a scam!

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