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Great that you decide to join Epix Trader, the newest verified legitimate autotrading app. This post gives a step to step guard to use the software and get the best results. Epix Trader is since at least 1.321 days available and support current Forex and binary option trading, while Mark Evans and his team steadily extended and improved the states. The system base at trends and scalping, a pure price action strategy. This kind of trading need nothing more than the brokers charts and raise your deposit very quick, but a computer system like the Epix Trader can more accurate and fast scalp the price movements. The experiences with Epix Trader was overall positive, verified by thousands of traders and blogs. Now you learn, how YOU could use this power.

Start with Epix Trader

Before you starts to visit the homepage, clear your cookies. Cookies are small text files, written by your browser to store persistent information at your hard disk and send them each time in your HTTP request. A visit of such a technological advanced system can issue problems with previous created cookies. The second step is to get a new email address. Most email address provider, like Google Mail, support the creation of a new address in less than three seconds. The usage of new address make sure you never miss announces or download provided by Mark Evans and his team. Such mails goes lost in a junk directory very fast. When you got these prerequisites, click the logo below to visit Epix Trader.

The website looks like most trading offers today. At the top is a video, where the creator Mark Evans and his wife Tina D’Angela induces into the whole system. At the bottom is an overview in textual form. Type in the small form below the video your full name and new email address in. This post cover each important part of this unique application.

Epix Trader's landing page

Connect to your broker

Smart professional trader use at least two or more broker to share the risk between them and increment their profit. But this has time until you use the Epix Trader to increment your deposit steadily. It doesn’t really matter with which broker you starts, because the “best” broker doesn’t exist, each of them has pros and cons. Some of them offer better tools or education material, but you will not need any of this. Epix Trader become steadily enhanced to support more broker. This gives you as user more flexibility. You are able to connect and test more broker. If you are dissatisfied with one of your broker, simple use another in the future.

Epix Trader’s interface

The usage of Epix Trader is very simple. Much bogus software required the download and execution of a binary file. To use a file from an unknown source is very dangerous. The Epix Trader on the other hand is absolutely risk-free. You find the login form at software.epix-trader.biz. Log in with your username- and password combination. The main dashboard is a list of available signals. Click on a signal to let the probably winning rate calculate. For beginners is a rate of 75 percent or above recommended. At the top are your broker accounts and their deposit. The autotrading robot is semi-automatic. This gives you the full control about. After you joined, read this post to the end, before you place your initial trades.

Epix Trader's interface

The whole design is tab-based. Epix Trader’s second tab, the profile is not very interesting. It contains your name, email address and internal ID. The next ones are lists of your current open and already closed positions with type (CALL, PUT), ID, platform, entry/experience date, strike- and closing rate, investment sum, payout and general state (won, lost). This is an edge over the broker-internal lists, because it shows the trades of all brokers together.

Next to the position lists is the tab to view your actual broker and connect to new ones. Left beside is the email address for the fast and nice support. We recommend, that you use the support primary for technical issues. We know and use the system, for general questions don’t hesitate to send a mail to earnmoneytodayblog@gmail.com or use the contact form. No need to send such emails to the support which handle ten of thousand users. We will redirect hard questions direct to the support.

The last button is to log out, and self-descriptive. It is advantageous but not necessary to log out after each trading session if other people have access to your computer.

Epix Traders interface is full responsible. This means it fits at any device. You trade at either at your computer at home or on your small smartphone on the go. This is more important than it sounds, because crap tools, like binary file that depending on your computer platform, have a big impact and may restrictions to your life. But the Epix Trader left you the choice where you use it.

Epix Trader's mobile interface

Your first trade

The Epix Trader earning amazing profits, but different ways of trading increment your winning trades still more. Do you think it is better to trade more accurate trades and may ignore badder opportunities? The basic trading strategy is price action with support- and resistances. Support and resistances are a special kind of trend lines. They are the price niveau, where the buyer or seller get so strong, that the price become pushed back. If the price is above the line, the line is called support, if the price is below, it is called resistance. The SR level is one of the most important, but seldom used indicator. You should always try to see this.

The usage for most successful trades is very easy. A trend line become for each time, the price touch it, stronger. When the price fall four times down to a support, it is more interesting than only two touches. For a successful CALL trade wait until the price is down and place the trade. On the opposite wait for a PUT trade when the price is high as possible. This is already the whole secret. Note, that if a support breaks, it becomes a new resistance and visa versa. This leads often in a big price change in the opposite direction.

Feel you ready to place your first trade? Visit Epix Trader’s home screen and select the asset of your choice with a high rating. Load it in your broker platform or may chart software like MetaTrader or freestockcharts.com. But note, that you need some time to switch from a chart software back to your web browser. Now lie in wait that the price touch the support or resistance, depending on the type of the trade.

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Thank you very much for reading this Epix Trader strategy guide. When the price reaches his threshold, place fast a trade per Epix Trader or direct at your broker. With this simple to learn strategy will you reach a winning rate between 90 and 95 %. Please leave a comment below to share your results and contact us for further questions or to tell your opinion at earnmoneytodayblog@gmail.com or the contact form. Did this post help you? Did it answer all of your questions? Will you use this strategy in the future? In the case you read this post until here without owning already a personal Epix Trader account, here is again the direct link to join fast:

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