Epix Trader (binary) trend trading – Easiest profits of your life: $44.50 in less minutes! (Update: $131 pure profit!)

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Stop investing into crap systems while the great ones just waiting for you. Epix Trader is trend-based software, with an accuration of 85 % and above. It uses already a lot indicators to generate thousands of dollar each week, but this is still not enough! Read this guide to the end to learn how to combine your own trend analytic with one of the most powerful trading tools available.

The trend is your friend until end

Mark Evans used this slogan, but what exactly means it to us? The terms uptrend and downtrend are often used, but not many trader known how to find a real trend. General moves the price is a trendy market condition to higher or lower peaks. That means a uptrend gets steadily higher highs and lower lows. Lower highs for example are useless in determining downtrends, even you may think the price fall. Sometimes the market grow strong and fall immediate down again. This is called a bubble and may danger for Forex trader. You earn as binary option trader do your money already with the rising price. This doesn’t mean Forex trading is harder, but it is not the same as binary options. You have to look at other things.

An uptrend, great to trade with Epix Trader

An uptrend don’t need to have only bullish candles, only the steadily incrementation of the highs is important. Logical are slow trends over a long period far more stable than short fast ones. A later falling price is another great trading opportunity. Beside of the well-known Support- and Resistance’s forms a trendy market mostly chart pattern. These are only interesting for advanced traders. This text was written for beginners to get the best from their Epix Trader account, other pattern than SR are too hard for this post.

Look up for news

Step one is to find out which news today matters. The recommended economy calendar is at www.investing.com/economic-calendar. If you use a browser extension like Disconnect, you may whitelist the website. The read of the economy calendar is detailed described in Generic news strategy: Read economy calendars and place winning trades.

Don’t forget to change the Time Zone at the top of the page to your current or GMT/UTC, whatever you prefer. News are the strongest indicators of the world — You will never find a better one. But this time we make sure that no asset is affected by news. Major news with two or three bull heads can break each trends and make the market unpredictable, if you don’t know how to trade news. You should always make sure that no news affect the market prices. You should as Epix Trader starter pay attention to entries with one bull head impact too. It is the best to don’t trade a half to an hour before and after the news release to avoid the affected prices.

Start Epix Trader

Log as next into your personal Epix Trader account watch which trades are current recommended. Open the specific assets in the chart solution of your choice, for example MetaTrader. The key to success is now to pick out these assets that are in a clear trend. When an asset is in a trend in the same direction (uptrend if a CALL trade, downtrend if a PUT trade) and the Epix Trader confirm the trade, type in your trading amount fast and click the button. That is all. This strategy is very powerful any suited for anybody, from beginner to professional trader, while it could not be easier.

How to trade – step by step

This strategy is already used by a lot professional traders, because it one of the simplest ways to trade available. Follow these few steps to reach a trading performance of above 90 %:

  1. Make sure no news will have now or in the future effects on the market.
  2. Log into Epix Trader and note the recommended trades.
  3. Open the charts of the assets.
  4. If the asset price is in a trend in the same direction, trade.
  5. Win, win, win

Let’s test this strategy now. First we have to find the asset to trade. This time I decided for only a single trade with EUR/AUD. The reason is, that I personally prefer currency pairs and a trade of a week length would not be a very good example.

Epix Trader trade selection

Now we look into the economy calendar. Luckely, no news affecting directly EUR or AUD between 16:00 and 24:00 UTC.

Epix Trader economy calendar

The next stop is the chart software. Looks like the a great downtrend, confirmed by 2 SMA (50, 100). Looks like the perfect settings for a trade.

Epix Trader downtrend

Now switch to your broker and wait until the price is at a good Support- and Resistance level. This is always helpful.

Epix Trader trade placed

Now we have to sit and wait to see if Epix Trader is the time worth: Yes it is. This was the easiest $44 in the life. This simple strategy can you repeat steadily to raise your deposit.

Epix Trader trade won

Actual trading results

With Epix Trader was trading never more easily. Your deposit will steadily grow. Two of the trades was lost, but this doesn’t care. Loses are part of the game, and seven of nine won trades is amazing. One trade was canceled, because the price fell too fast. But he came back, I caught and won the trade. Don’t forget that Epix Trader binary is absolutely free to use.

Epix Trader wins

Thank you very much for reading this guide to trade trends with the Epix Trader. Please share this review at social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. For further questions email direct to [email protected], use the fast contact form or leave a comment below.

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Epix Trader is a really good software and now already used by most binary option and Forex traders. You can use any strategy you know and like with them. Online are thousands of posts and videos to help you starts and teaching new great strategies. It is up to you, but Epix Trader is strong recommended and verified by tons of real traders. Click the banner below to get immediate redirect to the whole free offer.

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