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You are right in searching a legit money making scheme, but finding a legit software is a hard job. After each real software, do you find hundreds of scams, that blow your deposit very fast away. Finding the best offer is rarely and makes very happy. Epix Trader is an older, but unfamiliar binary option and Forex offer. This is a great way for newbies that are unsure what the best for them is. Your choice of both makes possible to test them and figure out which way you should use. You trade one week binary options and the next week Forex to see how much your deposit grows. This full review cover all topics, advantages, disadvantages and important facts to make sure you decide for the right tools. The binary options- and Forex solutions are reachable at different domains.

Main website binary options: www.epix-trader.biz
Members area after you got your personal account: software.epix-trader.biz

Main website Forex: www.epix-trader.co
Members area after you got your personal account: software.epix-trader.co

If you need a mnemonic to remember, which website use which technique: biz = BInary optionZ.

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Full Epix Trader review

Epix Trader is a great example what happening if you combine two different ways for earning money. You place the best trades with binary option, and earn in the Forex part even more cash. Watch now the video at the page, to learn more about the software. This review cover all important things that you find behind the scenes away from the video clip: How profitable? How to use? And much more. That is what you need to know to use the best tool.

Epix Trader advantages

Epix Trader uses powerful algorithms

In our test generated the Epix Trader around 87 % winning rate at the semi-automatic binary options part, while the Forex EA (read below) incremented the deposit steadily. Mark Evans and his team works around the clock to watch the software and market to improve the algorithms. This is important to generate the best results. Market don’t moving always in the same manner, but changing dynamic. To predict the market most accurate, this small changes have big impacts to the win rate.

Epix Trader’s binary options interface is easy to use

Nobody like to install dubious autotrading apps, like most scams distribute. Epix Trader’s binary option interface is a pure HTML5 with JavaScript solution. Other than the bad software do you neither download an executable file nor a third-party application like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. That means you need only to use an actual webbrowser to visit the website.

The usage is very simple. The interface contains only few elements to set up some settings and start immediate to earn money. Additional, it is full responsible. This means it fit on any device and resolution. You use this unique app either at your desktop computer, laptop or small smartphone on the go. You will trade everywhere in the world, an Internet connection is all you need.

What do you need for Forex trading?

For trading successful Forex, you need a free application each Forex trader should know and use: MetaTrader. MetaTrader is a full chart software and allow writing and integrate custom indicators and so-called Expert advisors. Expert advisors are plugins, acting like indicators, but instead of showing data it’s possible to execute automatic trades. This is exactly the way how the Epix Trader for Forex traders works. It is more safe than most available solutions.

Installing a EA is very easy. After you installed MT, download the compiled file, copy them in the right sub directory and restart the application to load the new file. MT direct execute the EA, hence it runs in a secure sandbox.

Epix Trader signal

Epix Trader data protection

A very important part of an online solution is to keep all data secret. You should keep away from a homepage that fail to protect customer information, even if the results are top. At the Epix Trader are your data safe. It starts already with the SSL (or newer “TLS”) certificate. Such a certificate is issued by an independent so-called certificate agency, in this case the company COMODO CA Limited. The certificate is protected with a secret key to make sure you are always connected to the right website. Additional, the public key into the certificate and the private secret key are used to transfer each bit full encrypted.

Stable monthly income

Ignore apps that promising million of dollars overnight, Epix Trader generate a good passive income. It will not make you to a millionaire after a day, week or month. This is not possible. With the typical beginner investment sums will you not become very rich quickly, but you will earn more than most other easily parallel to your primary way to earn money.

Epix Trader in the press and social medias

Epix Trader is great auto-trading solutions. We highly recommend it for novice traders since you do not need any prior experience to trade with this trading platforms. Forex or Binary or even both are very easy to operate. Actually we recommend that you make accounts with both systems since its free and you can make even more money by using the both auto-traders.

Keithlen, leadingbinaryoptions.com

Finally, it is the most valuable question about Epix Trader Review. As you know we are very skeptical about trading software and we rarely advise or recommend trading robot. Because we analyze in and out of every aspect of a trading robot. Interestingly, most of the apps are poor quality and fail to deliver good results. Therefore, we have done the thorough research about the EpixTrader if there any possibility that indicates the Epix Trader Scam. Interestingly, we have found all the positive ingredients in the Epix Trader Robot & Mark Evans. Therefore, we strongly recommend and say that EpixTrader is not a Scam.

Faysal (“Doctor”), binaryoptionsdoctor.com

In our Epix Trader review, we discussed various aspects of the software. The software supports both forex and binary options. The Republic’s verdict is, the software is not another scam. We highly recommend Epix Trader to our clients.


Epix Trader in one view

Semi-automatic binary options autotrader
Full-automatic Forex autotrading robot
Highest successful rate in the industry
Full TLS protection for your personal details
One hundred percent scam-free
Great support team answer each question
Binary options: Compatible to each actual device and webbrowser, full responsive and no additional file download need
Forex: Simple expert advisor executed by MetaTrader keep you safe
Suitable for anybody
Full transparent app

How to join Epix Trader

Thank you very much for reading this full review. If you have any questions, email direct to [email protected], the small contact form or leave a comment below.

Luckily is joining Epix Trader easier than you would expect. First clear you cookies to avoid problems. Pick up a new email address to make sure you get all emails of Mark Evans and his team, and don’t miss any of the Epix Trader news, downloads and similar in the junk directory. Click the banner of your starting technique below, it points direct to the offer. Follow the simple steps to grab your license using your new email address today and get immediate personal access to your epic tools. earn-money.today and other famous binary option- and Forex traders are already part of the group, so become one too!


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3 Replies to “Epix Trader scam review! The best of two different worlds!”


May 9, 2017 at 2:28 pm

for epix binnary trading can l choose my broker, is the broker regulated
l study binabot 2 can you choose for me, in results and very regular results

thanks to help me



    May 10, 2017 at 3:28 am

    Hello Gerd,

    Epix binary support only regulated broker, BinaBot both regulated and unregulated. I recommend current Epix trader, because you find at this homepage far more posts with strategies and other helps about Epix.

    Hope I could help you.


Miguelina C.

June 25, 2017 at 1:41 pm

Great software

Thank you for your help
Just joined in the middle of the week
It is a great tool for earning money
Give only four stars, because it doesn’t contains an full automatic trading function


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