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The Automata Formula by George Coleman is again a scam that use all opportunities to bait investors. These full review will first expose all the fraud tactics and at the end find ways to make money online now. Read this review to the end to learn the best available money making schemes.

Automata Formula is a name which let ring all red alarm clocks. To often has a scam used Formula in his name. Fórmula efectivo, Perpetual Formula, Binary Freedom Formula and AmissioFormula, only to name some. The name is not a part of the ranking, but keep attention, if you see a binary option service that use Formula.

Automata Formulas scam actor seen in Orion Code

The promotion video of the Automata Formula scam start directly to generate panic. These scammers allow only 50 members to enter and just today is the last day, since days. The first words the scam actor George Coleman tells, is, that you must not share the information you learn. It is always ridiculous when scammer write something at a public website and disallow to share the information. That the video get deleted after some watches is again a strange lie you see over and over again. George Coleman claim to be a mega millionaire, but this is another typical fake of such cheaters. You can not earn such much money without getting attention of outsiders, but you find nowhere any information about. The name is a pure invention. The Automata Formula Group don’t exist too. This scam actor say not one honest word. But here is the surprise who this lame guy is. This is not a typical Fiverr actor, he has already gigs in professional movie. His real name is Jeff Gorham. It is tragically that a man can go so low, he was already seen in the big scam Código de Orión.

The Automata Formula scam use fake broker and bank statements. earn-money.today has proved already many times how anybody without great computer skills can create such a fake image within minutes. At these pictures are at least two things mad. First, you will never be able to earn this high sums with trading Forex systems alone. Scams like the Automata Formula try to nudge traders with such unrealistic promises. We come back to the often named consejos para principiantes. It is necessary for each investor to use a good money management strategy. Legit software make sure you will increment your money slowly but steadily. The other thing is, that nobody which own such millions of dollar left these in a hand of a single broker or bank. Earning a profit of $29.976.882 is more than an overstatement. At the begin of the video did George Coleman say, he made 25 million dollars in the past 12 years. This is not a clear contradiction, but a part of the strange service. Nobody has an idea where he made this money in 12 years, since binary option services are only available not more than 9 years.

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The Automata Formula scam guru George Coleman say the magical words: “I have nothing to sell”. These words were used so many times by fraudsters that it got an own categoría. “Put away your credit card” is another fraud text used by only scams. The video clip is full of stock photos. They were taken by any photographer to have a lot images in stock. There are a lot websites, which offers stock images for free, other agencies sell them. Stock photos are a common piece of scam autotrading robots.

The Automata Formula scam make it easy and initialize the fake spot counter widget from the load of the website direct to one. After we visit the homepage from different places of the world, we know, that this is shown for each GEO location: 1 SPOT AVAILABLE IN United States; 1 SPOT AVAILABLE IN Netherlands; 1 SPOT AVAILABLE IN Germany. This text is market with the text-transform CSS attribute which shows the full line in Uppercase, but if you take a closer look you see exact which part of the text is static and which is dynamic.

The same as the user upgrade script. It is hard to find pattern and figure out what’s happening, because it uses exactly 200 different to pick a random selected name. But it is only a random script, using 7 random email accounts.

Automata Formula scam conclusion

It is not hard to find a direct verdict of the Automata Formula. The scam follows Traders Revenges and other crap systems footsteps. It tells, the Automata Formula is the only system which makes money. After reviewed a lot of dubious softwares, it is obviously that the Automata Formula use each known kind of brain wash technique. It begins with the “You are the perfect person to take advantage of this life changing opportunity” while it is a simple public webpage, to the request to image all this dump shit. The whole Automata Formula is only crap, you can never trust them! Avoid this scam, it’s the biggest bs seen for a long time!

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