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Los comerciantes venganza – Is it time to revenge or get scammed?

It is not new that you can make much money trading binary options. So it is not surprising that scammer try to take your money. earn-money.today was found to review websites and warn more people before they get scammed over and over again. Traders Revenge tries to find exact such scammed people. It tells you it wants to give scammed people a chance to make money scam-free. But is it real? This review will show the truth: Is it a great money making scheme or just another try to get your money?

The Traders Revenge is presented by Ryan Jackson, a well-known face. The whole story of Traders Revenge is interesting. This guy says he has cracked a trading algorithm and promises an income about $ 3.500 to $ 6.500 per week. earn-money.today has already listed trusted binary option software that makes this income for her users yet. But Hacker are simple computer-loving guys and most are not interesting of making tons of money. It is bad how he discredit people who love computers and placed all under the same umbrella, it seems he know nothing about hackers. Yes, this story is interesting, but all in all are this nothing others than bad lies. The revenge of the traders is only a facade in the front of the bad scam tactics. Ryan Jackson has no idea about hackers and about binary options too.

Ryan Jackson is a scam actor!

Traders Revenge tries to goof off scams who try to bait you using fake images of houses, boats or fake actors. That is a very interesting point: Ryan Jackson is only a payed scam actor hired at Fiverr.com. Fiverr is a homepage where actors and actress can rent for a gig. They play only her script and speak whatever they said. Fiverr is the most used place where scammer rent her fake actors. It is not the first performance of Ryan Jackson alias simplysoccerpro, he was already the doll of many scammers before.

Trader Revenge use a well-known scam actor!

Back to the crazy story. As Ryan Jackson he will say that he talked with 50 different programmers and meet at the end one who worked with him. The guy is the Russian Vladimir, his new best friend. He claims to will made incoming about 1.2 Millions US-Dollars in 2 years using only Traders Revenge. With $2.000$4.000 profit what can really done by legit autotraders you will not become a millionaire after 2 years of trading but you have more than enough money to buy whatever you want. With this part Traders Revenge starting to use the regular scam tactics.

Ryan Jackson continues with a faked bank account statement. Don’t believe them! A real legit autotrader rather safe your money than make profits. That is why they use money management strategies. They only trade a little bit of your deposit because it is important to be safe. People who promise you to get rich very quick try only to scam you, Traders Revenge is no exception. It is tempting to ignore the money management strategy to make fast more money but this is the wrong way!

Traders Revenge scam methods get unmask step by step!

The Russian hacker Vladimir is a great lie too. His real name is John Razmus, living in Round Rock, Texas in the U.S. As Chief Technical Officer of the company Smart Member he is really a part of software development, but coding software and reverse engineering algorithms differ like day and night. This image was only stolen by the scammer behind Traders Revenge from Facebook profile.

Vladimir is only another lie of this scam!

Develop a trusted binary option must be a transparent task. Trusting somebody who hires a fake actor to hide his id entity is impossible. The first story is an interesting idea. But later they changed her direction by 180° and use the same scam tactics like all before. The promise at the end is the same crap seen a thousand times before: Makes $500 in 26 minutes. That is simple impossible with a regular deposit of a trading beginner using a valid money management strategy, and that is that! Another scam tactic is found immediately after: Limited spots. Traders Revenge only allows 100 people access to this super sophisticated binary options software. In reality limited spots are one of the biggest tools of scammer and Traders Revenge is no exception!

Traders Revenge use fake bank statements!

Traders Revenge is a scamwhat now?

It is badly that Traders Revenge tries to scam you. Hence, please do not enter to keep your money safe and get not scammed by this fraud service. We need to find out how we can avoid scam in the future.

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helped me get my money back from these scammer brokers.


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