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Hello, welcome to the Evergreen Profits experiences and scam review. Evergreen Profits claims to be an autotrader to earn money on the Forex- and cryptocurrency market like an expert without any need of prerequisites. When it comes to trading at markets, should you definitively only choose the best tools. Software has to fulfill strict requirements, before we could recommend joining. After reviewing this and a lot other scams is clear, that Evergreen Profits is not trustworthy. Please read this whole review, before you invest any money into this system. The text covers all facts, why you better shouldn’t use it in any ways. At the end is the current best performing alternative to find. Let us start with the question, who the Evergreen Profits runs.

Evergreen Profits experiences and scam review: Who created it?

When we pay to a service is it important, that this tell us all about. It is dangerous to transfer money, if you don’t know, who receive them. On the website is neither a real personal- nor a real company name. This is already enough to keep away, when the operators and authors doesn’t show their face or tell their name is much wrong. But this text should not only warn you about the Evergreen Profits, but help to understand, why it is scam and which are the best ways to trade online and avoid scams in the future. When you could accept, that the Evergreen Profits is full anonymous, then you run into a much bigger problem: A full regulated and licensed business must not hide the own identity. The reason is, that only transparency brings enough safety to the customers. In fact act they illegal and the operators could with your money just runaway. Please make sure to always use applications by full regulated creators to know, that your portfolio safe is. Let us now check the company.

Evergreen Profits experiences and scam review

Why is the Evergreen Profits anonymous? There is a company name!

Yes, if you take a very accurate view on the webpage do you find the supposed name of a company: Evergreen Profits LTD. A lot online research figure out, that we can simple ignore this, because this company doesn’t exist. Like above said, there is no real name. They take your money, but it is unlawful and you cannot expect to see it again. But how works Evergreen Profits?

Evergreen Profits LTD is a fake company!

How works the Evergreen Profits?

A great sign, that something is a fake, become often exposed by the description of an automatic software. Most scam tell either nothing how it works or invent any story. This time it is the second one – the idea is, that this strange system collect continuously data from over one hundred different online news sources to decide for the best trading opportunities. There are two possible ways to arrive this. The first is to transfer this pieces of information from public storage, the second is to fetch insider knowledge. Each child knows, that this is illegally. We don’t believe, that such a cheap offer like the Evergreen Profits has access to such precious data, hence we assume that it is just crawling for public data. We want to hear about indicators or trading strategies but lacks all. Some user reported, that Evergreen Profits did never open any trade, so it is unclear, if there is anything that could works.

Evergreen Profits is pure fake

Is Evergreen Profits profitable?

Evergreen Profits try to bait with a claimed profit of $1.500 after at most trading of 15 minutes and one hundred percent guarantee to win. Such a winning rate is bogus, and a good scam indicator. Nobody, not a computer and not a human trader, could predict the market price movements by one hundred percent over a long time. Anybody that claims this definitively lies. And you will never be able to earn $1.500 in just fifteen minutes per day with pure trading. Legit verified robots have a winning rate of 93%. Some days are more profitable than others, but each program will end up with some loses. These are part of the game.

By the way, if you take a closer look on this description will you see, that the statement

…the average minimal profit our members make is $1,500 daily.

makes no sense. Something like the average minimal doesn’t exist. The minimal profit is the lowest daily profit, the average profit become calculated over a set of numbers. These are two complete different things. Such contradictions are a kind of funny, this happening when you create a website with a fictional inconsistent concept. Let us finally give a clear verdict to the Evergreen Profits App.

Evergreen Profits experiences and scam review conclusion:

All Evergreen Profits experiences was very bad.  It is not a serious platform, Evergreen Profits is a scam! Please don’t use it for your own safety purpose. But continue reading below to learn about the current most recommended way for earning money from home.

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