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Hello, welcome to the experiences and scam review. The website promises up to 25 % ROI per day. That sounds like a brilliant investment option, but we know you must be very carefully when you chose your investment plan. Online investing is for sure today the greatest ways of earning money from home, but that is the reason why there are also a lot of scammers. You should always before paying to an unknown or untrustworthy service consult the blog of your trust for a detailed analysis of the legitimacy. Please read this review and experiences carefully to the end to learn all you need to know about investing online: experiences and scam review – What is it?

The website has a very simple turquoise color scheme. It is just a single page, containing a menu at the top to jump to the corresponding parts. This main page contains the promise of a 0.001 BTC sign up bonus, two input texts field for your Bitcoin address and a six-digit security pin and three text lines that summarize the allegedly service:

We make industrial bitcoin mining accessible for everyone. is everything you need for bitcoin cloud mining today. Get 10K Satoshis daily in two minutes.

On the right side of the page is an animate image, on the top a logo and an animated text line, running from right to left, similar to usual news tickers:

Saving bitcoins right now for your future.

The ticker line – “Saving bitcoins right now for your future.”

We want to stop a moment and analyze this sentence. One dangerous but on the other side high profitable characteristic of encrypted currencies is the volatility of the market prices. The future price movement is not part of this article, it changes with each news very fast. It is the best to stay always informed, so join the newsletter. The problem here is, this sequence is an indirect tip to expect a raising price, hence you should according to invest your Bitcoin now and don’t withdraw your profits. Let’s remember this, it will make more sense after reading this review to the end.

Who offers the scam?

Cause of the volatile of the price of encrypted currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and co. are long forecasts impossible, so giving tips is very dangerous. Now it is interesting who is behind this system. Is it a big broker and mining company or just one guy that uses to scam most people as possible? The whole single homepage doesn’t contain a hint, about. There is neither the name of a company nor of a real person. Just at the bottom is the small text line “© 2020. All rights reserved |”. That means, you will never know who your money receives. A real investment company is transparent, you would get as most information as possible, the location of each real estate and at least the name of the employees, you interact with. Experiences shows, people that hides their identity doesn’t have good things in their mind. experiences and scam review – anonymous scam!

Illegal crap:

Even if just takes Bitcoin, encrypted currencies have today to follow nearly the same rules as other currencies do. A guy or company, managing account balances of other people, needs a conception for legality reasons. Such systems usual use regulated and licensed third parties, that would make sure, cannot do whatever they want. But exactly that’s what they can! An anonymously run service can never be licensed in any way, since such a license requires a very high degree of transparency. As these experiences shows, you will not have any safety, you just give somebody unknown access to your Bitcoins. Please do this never ever. There are always regulated and licensed services that allows new member. If you don’t know what to do, just email to [email protected] and don’t forget to join the newsletter. That mail may be the different between making money and lose all to a scam!

There is still a reason that prove, how untrustworthy this page is. Financial services must not transfer encrypted currencies by law, until the identity of receiver is proved. That includes a validation of your natural person and your living address and is the primary a way for prevent money washing. So, the fact, that the service doesn’t include a function to do such things but allegedly start immediate to transfer money after your payment is done show, that the system is illegal.

The mining plans:

Before you understand, why the plans are nothing more than a scam technique, it is important to understand, how mining of encrypted currencies works. Mining is like a lottery. The miners use a so-called hash function on steadily generated Block Headers, Transactions storing byte structures. If the random looking hash function output meets a condition, the miner can submit the bytes and get from a special Transaction, the Coinbase Transaction, access to the coins of the transfer fees of the containing Transactions. The submit-condition change around all two weeks to, so that the same count of Blocks (2016) are expected in the next two weeks. That means, you have to compete all other miners. Today mining hardware with economic power usage costs several thousand dollars of dollars, so a single Bitcoin doesn’t will change as much.

We have up to here found more than enough, even legal, cons. But nothing tells more you will not get what they promise, then the so-called plans on the second part of this one-page website. The first plan has minimum investment sum of BTC 0.002 with a daily ROI of 5 %! That is just ridiculous, you will never make such much profit with mining today. So it is clear, 25 % for 1 Bitcoin are just irrational. You will never find such a plans count and the bonus payments on a legit website. Many investment platforms prefer investors of more money with a small part of their own share, but guaranteed not five times more. The whole offer is just ridiculous. experiences:

One of the primary jobs of  this website is to receive the experiences of real members of the system. Such experiences are the base of scam reviews. The received experiences about was poorly very bad. The ponzi schematic of this website becomes together with the previous exposed scam techniques and lies clear. A ponzi scheme is a pseudo-investment network that never makes real money. Older members payouts become paid from new members deposit to encourage higher investments. Such set-ups are illegal! So now we have more than enough justify the experiences- and review verdict, let’s conclude the review. experiences and scam review conclusion:

Thank you for reading this experiences and scam review. After reading this whole article, you know more than enough to keep away from this scam. But this is not the biggest problem, since there are valid solutions to really invest and earn money from home. Please continue reading below to learn all secrets you want to know. Websites like release and disappear daily to come back later under new name. At the latest in some weeks will you be glad to use a software with real long-term access:

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