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The News Spy latest experiences and scam review:

Bonjour, Bienvenue à la The News Spy experiences and scam review. The News Spy get marketed as usual in fewer hours a thousand of dollar without foreknowledge earning wonder software. We will check here the whole applications for the case, you think The News Spy really works. On this website are very much dubious things, that it is a big, lying fraud. Please read this whole review, before you even invest a single cent, else you will lose everything:

The News Spy experiences and scam review: This software and TV Shows:

It is already an ancient lie, but we hope, that no one falls for it. It’s just too ridiculous. Many marketers earn their money by lying to you about The News Spy and allegedly people who became millionaires through this app and speak on about their success in various television shows such as the GermanHöhle der Löwen”, “Frühstücksfernsehenand so on. This is of course complete nonsense. The News Spy has neither been on television nor CNBC, Bitcoin.com and other media. It is a pure simple autotrader, which is marketed exclusively by scammers. If the whole thing starts with a lie, it is clearly that you should absolutely keep away. But since we do no half things, we continue with the owner and creator of The News Spy:

The News Spy is full of lies

Who The News Spy runs:

That is a very interesting question, on the entire homepage is no name of a really existing person. The promotion video contains only stock clips and an offscreen speaker. There is not even an email address here, just a contact form, similar to ours. The domain was bought about an identity hiding service, as a demande WHOIS proves. An anonymous service is always very suspicious, there is no reason to hide his name at a reputable product. On the contrary, such a behavior destroys all confidence. Companies advertise their products by their own names, anonymous websites are always managed by individuals or very small groups. They request, that you deposit money, but you do not even know who receives it or whom you can turn to. Using an app like The News Spy is very risky, we can not warn often enough. As next, let’s let see how The News Spy works:

How The News Spy works:

That is the next unanswered question. It claims to collect worldwide crypto news, using a unique algorithm. The results are analyzed by a team of specialists, fires the trading signals. This should help to be always one step ahead the market prices. This algorithm is nowhere described in detail. In the financial industry branch is transparency very important. A not detailed algorithm is untrustworthy. As mentioned above, it is certain that there is not a team of professionals behind. As it is free, how will The News Spy pay their members? You can only use official news, else it is called insider information. Using it in your trading strategy is a worldwide punished crime. The example of the homepage shows a market reaction delay of one hour. That is another lie! If you have ever traded fundamentals (=news trading), you know, the market react instantly. News portals and similar share their new information with ten of thousand traders and other following portals, sharing the information again. There are still more lies on the website:

The News Spy Fake Videos:

The News Spy homepage contains three videos of supposed users, reporting how they made thousands of dollars. These were undoubtedly bought on Fiverr.com. Fiverr is a homepage, on that amateurs offer their services. In addition to graphic artists, musicians and much else, there are also the wicked services to recite a text by heart. These are often used by fraudsters to publish fake reviews. In all three videos play well-known actors, especially the right one is conspicuous, since he always shoots video movies in his car. Let’s talk as next about the real user experiences that end up in our inbox:

The News Spy uses just scam actors!

The News Spy user experiences:

Any scam review would be incomplete, if we don’t talk to previous users. Users send every day their experiences about various online programs. If you have already used The News Spy, please send us your experiences or write a comment below. All received experience about The News Spy was very bad. It is a classic scam autotrader with an average winning rate of 50 %. That is not high enough to make a profit in long term. Even the few who were fortunate to raise the balance a little had no chance to withdraw money. Although the cash debit can be initiated, the new income will not even be received after months of waiting. Please follow the recommendations of the many members. Let’s conclude this scam review:

The News Spy experiences and scam review conclusion:

All The News Spy experiences were very bad. The News Spy is scams! Nevertheless, there are many good solutions to make money online. Please read below to find out more about the best ways to go:

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Une réponse à «L’espion de nouvelles expériences et arnaque examen : merde !”

Jens Bergmann

February 13, 2019 at 12:54 pm

The News Spy / Crypto Kartal ist definitiv Betrug !!!

Wenn man sich bei “L’espion de nouvelles” registriert wird man zu Crypto Kartal weitergeleitet und sofort klingelt das Telefon mit einem Anruf aus der Schweiz. Eine Klara Sommer bietet Hilfe beim Einzahlen des Mindestbetrages von 250€ an, eine PayPal Zahlung gibt es auf einmal aber nicht mehr!? Man hätte ja Käuferschutz! Nach Einzahlung des Betrages auf ein Konto in Litauen (!!!) hat man keine Handhabe mehr, weil ein persönlich zugeteilter Broker per Any desk, eine Remote App alles einstellt. Das Geld sieht man definitiv niemals wieder. Hütet euch vor den Namen Mellody Hobson und Antonio Sposito. Ja, diese Namen gibt es aber in Verbindung mit anderen Personen! Also, wenn ich in Versuchung geführt wurde und einen Fehler gemacht habe, hoffe ich hiermit euch vor diesem Fehler zu bewahren !!! Finger weg !!!


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