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Free blog: You get a free WordPress website. WordPress is a content management system and was primary used for blogs, but is more flexible to use and drives already one third of the internet websites. You have one of the most powerful tools to build your affiliate marketing website.
No hidden fees: As usual for, the service is absolutely free to use. There are something you may buy, but nothing get sold by this website. For an advanced website is later an own domain name and a single site SSL (newer TLS) certificate strong recommend. Both cost 1 to $2 per month, but has time until you make profit. An SSL certificate encrypt the traffic between your website and the visitors, raise the integrity and give a boost at search engines. Additional can you buy WordPress Themes and Plugins, but this is absolutely not necessary.
Nearly unlimited ways to customize: WordPress offers a very broad ribbon of themes and plugins. This gives the ability to set up the homepage like you want them and extends them by powerful functions to let each blog looks complete different and personalized.
Great CSS and code customizing: Cascade Style Sheet is one of the three main components on a modern website. It is a set of defined rules, how to display the content of the page. WordPress contains an internal editor to modify each part, but all in all is no knowledge about coding required.
Unlimited webspace: You get for your website unlimited webspace (fair use principle). It is allowed to upload unlimited files with a file size of at most 4 MiB. That allows adding pictures to your posts, create nice galleries and show your potential customers, what they get.
Many languages: WordPress is worldwide used and contains very many languages. The most used languages German, English and Spanish are preinstalled, but WordPress contains current 115 languages, some are different regionally or courtesy forms. The language change needs only four clicks.