Free Bitcoin Satoshi for your testing purposes

You have now a wallet but no Bitcoins to test it? No Problem! like to send you 1000 Satoshi (while stocks last) direct to your wallet. Simple paste your recipient address in the form below, click in the checkbox and press the button. You will soon receive your coins. Please check your address twice, you cannot abort a transfer to a wrong address. If you have any issues, please email to Keep in mind that this is money, so please treat them with respect. When you got the coins, please like and share the Facebook post.

Unfortunately do you need now to log in to the right. This is necessary, since some tried to exploit this great offer. It is naturally free and done within 60 seconds.

Do you want more? We provide in cooperation with Max $100 in Bitcoins after the test of a free software. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Where do I find my recipient address?

After log into your greenaddress wallet, click in the “Receive” menu (default after log in) on the button “Show URI and address”. Don’t be surprise that you get each time a new address. This is typical for Bitcoins to increment anonymity. Old addresses are still usable. (Click on the button “Show previously generated addresses” in “Show advanced options”).

How long take it until I receive them?

This depends on many factors. In general, the Bitcoin database (“Blockchain”) has a transfer limitation. It may takes 10 minutes, but sometimes several hours. If you don’t received the Bitcoins after 24 hours, please email to When you add an email address to your greenaddress profile, you are able to receive a transfer confirmation email.

What are the limitation of the free coins?

We send them only once to an address and only 100 times a day. Please be fair and don’t request them multiples times, because the Bitcoins are for all!

What’s next after testing?

After you know now how to use Bitcoins, you may visit to create a free account and increment your money. If you like, you may send the coins back after testing. If you want send them back (or want to donate for more free test coins) please transfer them to the address


Thank you!

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