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The FX News Robot is a scam, claiming to generating profits immediate after joining. You don’t need any previous experiences to earn today a mass of money. This is reason enough to take an accurate view. The FX News Robot contains not much content, but most words are easy exposable lies. Read now this review to learn why you should not invest into this crap software.

FX News Robot scam review

Who is behind the FX News Robot?

That is an interesting question. Nowhere at the homepage is any piece information who hosting the software. The domain was rented with the use of a protection service. This is not bad, many webmasters do so to protect their personal details. The FX News Robot doesn’t contain a disclaimer or any text with a name. The copyright is only by “FX NEWS ROBOT”. That is the first reason to don’t be interested in this app. You cannot trust anybody who don’t show his face or call his name.

The scam widget

The FX News Robot claims, like the name suggest, to be a Forex autotrading robot. But the backend (we’ll come back to this later) seems not to support Forex trading. At the bottom of website is a typical scam widget located. It looks, compared with other bogus scams, very good, but still not real. A real demo area would at least contains a starting time. But this table contains definitively binary option trades.

The FX News Robot doesn’t contain direct income claims, like “earn $10.000 each week” or “99.8 % accuration in each market condition”, but the trades of this are part are unrealistic too. Sometimes the script generates up to ten results in few seconds. A legit and well working trading solution could not trade this amount. The FX News Robot seems to trade only short term options. Some bots support short term options, but the main focus are always classic options, because they are easier to predict.

FX News Robot's fake widget

The FX News Robot is SSL/TLS protected?

The FX News Robot claims to be in a SSL sandbox, whatever this is. Something called a SSL sandbox seems not to existing. SSL and the successor TLS is a standard for certificates. This confirm the host and contains keys for encrypted data transfer to prefer network nodes to read the transferred data. (This is called a man-in-the-middle-attack.) The domain doesn’t contain a valid SSL certificate, hence theoretical could each data transfer from and to the server read by a third party. Avoid joining the application, because it wants your name, email address, password and phone number, may more, which are transferred without any protected through the wires. The images below showing the different between the unprotected scam homepage and a real certificated website, issued by the certificate authority GeoTrusty, in the browser Firefox.

FX News Robot use no SSL

FX News Robot’s backend

Most user don’t read the “Terms and Conditions” of an offer and simple checking the Checkbox intuitively. But this time it’s a surprise. Instead to hide a long hard to understand text, it links direct to the website whitelabelrobot.com. This alarming service, self-called “WordPress of robots” is a platform to develop the frontend of a  robot. That means the FX News Robot is not a new invention. All bots linking back to the same crap system that become sold many times at different websites.

FX News Robot backend

How works the FX News Robot?

You trade, according to the FX News Robot, like a pro: Select a signal provider, the amount to bet and the method to follow. The website contains absolutely nothing about the available methods, algorithms or anything others. You should never ever join a software that doesn’t tell how it works.

FX News Robot scam review conclusion

The robot contains not much text, but it is full of lies and other scam tactics. Even the name is a lie: It is a binary option and no Forex bot, and use plain signal generators, no news trading. The website is only another design to sell the same bot over and over again. The verdict is clear: FX News Robot is a scam!

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