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Gemini2 Software by Brandon Lewis is a new scam try to get your hard earned money. This review will show how the Gemini2 scam try to manipulate you and tell nothing then lies. Read now this post to make safe your money against this fishy binary option autotrading service.

Let’s start with the simple first already often seen before. The Gemini2 scam promise the strange sum of at least $12.341,37. This simple statement show directly the fraud tactics of this service. Scams like the Gemini2 software try to act as a money machine, but promises only things that you can keep throw way. Making $12.341,37 each day trading binary options is impossible. You will make money, if you join the right software now. The current best legit autotraders available make up to $1.000. Legitimate autotrading bots don’t trade each possible occupations, because this is a safe way to lose all your money. They use money management strategies. Each signal get assigned a risk level and only the highest level get traded. This selection makes sure, that your money will increment steadily.

Mainly, because Brandon Lewis was supposed a top developer at Google, it should not be a problem to find out who he is. The so-called top employees of large companies have today (just like 2 years ago) Wikipedia entries. But who is Brandon Lewis in reality? It actually exists someone famous with this name! This guy is Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth in England. But another Brandon Lewis is not known, even not as a Google employee. He is only a scam actor by the Gemini2 scam.

 Brandon Lewis is a scam actor

The Gemini2 scam try to cheat you more and more!

We do not know about a first version of the Gemini software. The statement is, that Brandon Lewis invited already 50 beta testers in a previous version of the Gemini Software, before he developed Gemini2. This statement is again a clear nonsense of this fraud. After the test phase  would Gemini get officially released, and not a new software with new beta tester phase get developed. This fact shows, that the beta testers phase is just a lie to catch new members.

Gemini2 is only a scam!

It is difficult to say whether this is sad or funny. Gemini2 tries, as so many scams before, occur as world’s only no loss trading software. But as binary options trader we already know, that no one – not a human, not a computer – can win each trade. This is another fraud tactics by Gemini2, there are already countless unique no loss trading softwares available, and none of them can make money over a long term.

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The video of Gemini2 scams is simply ridiculous. First appears, an image of the New York Times to confirm the date of 2016-09-26. Following exact investigation must it was at least 2016-09-25, if this clip was not replaced after. Then, however, an obvious fresh account is shown, which contains already 46 trades, but $0 profit. That seems to be the actual outcome. It is also questionable why the software displays the percentage win rate, if it is anyway trivial 100%. It also shows the profit for 4 hours, according to the clock only 3 hours have passed. Something like a quick withdraw also does not exist. A legitimate broker needs the money to run through several tests according to the laws, which take time in any case. For this reason it is strongly recommended with a legitimate autotrader app, to constantly withdraw your profits. This results in a constant flow of money.

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Brandon Lewis personal broker account starts with 2016-02-07 on page 1. First, it would mean that he has since then no trades anymore, also it was a Sunday. On Sunday can you trade only Bitcoins, and nearly no person and no autotrader try it. This makes it not only impossible to trade on Saturday and Sunday, you can also see clearly that the various assets were traded.  Forget the promising of making money on Saturday and Sunday. Another lie by the Gemini2 scam.

Don't believe the Gemini2 scam!

The video is embedded in a painted monitor. We know this website design already from other scams. The interesting thing is the stolen apple logo. Maybe it will simulate a legit service associated with a big company. But in reality is the fraud Gemini2 scams  autotrading app neither associated with apple nor can make money for his user in any form.

Gemini2 scam conclusion

Brandon Lewis show you only fake images and tell you lies. Forget to trade at Saturday and Sunday, and the dream of a no loss software. This is not possible. Only one verdict is possible: Gemini2 Software is clearly a scam!

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